Friday, 1 November 2013

19/10/2013 - Congratulations! :)

No time to dilly or dally this morning - we have a wedding to get ready for!

Ok, there was time for a little dilly and a small dally, as we didn't need to be there until 2:45pm. I probably should have got up a little earlier, but meh! We made it!

After a robust breakfast we started to get ready and after a LOT of faff (from me, of course - couldn't find the shoes I wanted to wear or plain tights or the handbag I wanted) we headed for the train station. The most overdressed people on the train might I add!

Shameless train platform selfie!

We were headed over the water, and it wasn't that long a train journey. We were plagued by children though who were running riot and the parents just didn't seem to bother about it. One of them even pressed the emergency stop button! Did he get told off? No. Urgh. I literally got a headache from it all, as well as feeling a little travel sick from the train as it was!

When we got to the station, we had a 2 1/2 mile walk to where the wedding was being held. Which isn't that far. Except Paul found a short cut that the sat nav didn't want us to take.

Yeah. There was a reason for that.

It was a country road that lead to a farm which is meant for bikes and horses, not people dressed for a wedding! I'm glad I took flat shoes!

Sorry the shots are blurry - I was probably laughing too hard!

Still we made it in plenty of time. Early, some might say!

The grounds of where the wedding was being held were lovely so we slowly approached the manor house and took in the mid-October sun!

We got there just as the ceremony had finished and people were leaving (due to space constrictions, we did not go to the ceremony so the bride and groom could have it in a gorgeous room as opposed to some blah conference-room type place) so the first people we saw were the new Mr & Mrs!

The venue itself was lovely! We visited it back in March with C&D but it was nice to see it without all the stalls everywhere and see their vision come to life!

After a cheeky mojito or two, we headed outside to enjoy the nice weather once again!

Pretty views of the venue!

The gardens around the Manor! Lush green lawns! Sigh!

I could definitely be lady of a house like this! The cats could have their own 'wing'!

We headed back inside and stood speaking to old school friends who I probably haven't seen since school, which was nice! The joys of modern media means I didn't have to introduce them to my husband either, because they'd seen it all on twitter and facebook! Which is kinda funny!

We were all then called outside for group pictures. After those we stood on the patio and I said "isn't this great weather for taking pictures? A little overcast but dry?" Then the rain started. Sorry C&D - I jinxed your weather! Still - the best people have rain on their wedding day, I think... ;)

We all ran inside for cover, and luckily soon enough it was time to head through for dinner!

We were on the naughty table at the back, as ever! The joy of being randoms! :)

The room was very nicely decorated and the place settings were gorgeous!

We took these feathers home. So pretty!

There was a bit of a Game of Thrones theme for the meal (and little hints in the day as well - I love geeky bits!) and we were at the most awesome table, I think.

We were Dothraki. Khal Drogo and Khaleesi eat your heart out. Literally, in Khaleesi's case!

We were on a table with C's horse-friends. We aren't horse people, but we were the only ones who knew who the Dothraki were, so we were sort of in with them. Kinda. I like the horses in Lord of the Rings, does that count?!

The speeches were pre-meal, and they were very good. Some advice my Dad gave the best man came up in his speech and that was the only time I hid and cringed!

Being at the back, I couldn't take very good pictures, sadly.

D did give a good speech...and wasn't this blurry in real life! I need a good camera, damnit!

C looked lovely. We were both dress hunting at the same time, so I had seen her sample dress, pinned to within an inch of it's life as it was far too big for her but it doesn't even compare to the real thing!

Excuse the chair in the way. That wasn't part of her ensemble!

After the food we retired to the bar area for a few more drinks while they reset for the reception. We carried on chatting to the people from our table who were really nice and didn't mind that we didn't know anything about horses!

Very soon we were called into the main room for the first dance. Aw.

We joined in, after promising pre-wedding that we would if they did for ours! Brought back lots of nice memories of our first dance, even though it was a completely different song. Ah, the joys of being newly wedded! I bet we looked a right soppy pair but I hope no-one was looking at us!

Then the party got started and we all bust some moves on the dance floor! C and the bridesmaids had their slippers on so were able to dance til dawn!

One of the bridesmaids took this pic of us. Looking rather merry. :)

All too soon we had to leave as we had a train to catch. In hindsight we probably could have left a little later and got a different train, but hindsight is a wonderful thing!

We got a taxi to the station, rather than stumbling through the countryside and were home at a fairly reasonable hour.

I might have partaken in another gin and tonic...and nodded off on the sofa...not for long though. I took myself off to bed in no time!

We had a lovely day at the Mr & Mrs T's wedding! Thank you both so much for inviting us and I wish you all the very best for the rest of your lives together!

(If you want me to remove the pictures of you from here, please let me know. I understand! Ta! x)

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