Friday, 8 November 2013

23/10/2013 - Hmph.

Paul had to leave the house at silly o'clock this morning, which means that I stay in bed longer than I should and then rush to get ready for work.

Despite this, I came to make my fruit salad for lunch and something stopped me in my tracks.

Strawberries aren't supposed to be fluffy and grey are they?

MY STRAWBS HAVE GONE MOULDY. We only bought them on Monday. WAAAA.

Some of them aren't even fully ripe yet. This is an outrage and a scandal.

I didn't eat any of them and left them on the side in disgust so I could show Paul when he got home. Forgetting that wouldn't  be until Thursday. Oops.


Today was the day of my appraisal and it went...meh. I don't want to say too much as this is social media and out there and anyone can see it, but basically I disagreed with what was said and wasn't given chance to state my lack of agreement. It could have gone worse. I think it's safe to say that I was put in my place, and now I know that's where my place is expected to be, I shall remain there. Begrudgingly. Because I don't think that's where my place is, and I know others will agree. But anyway...

So the rest of the day sucked. Big style.

Thank goodness for #Whedonsday. The presence of Whedon joys, good company and foamy foamy beer was the perfect remedy to my woes.

As Paul was away overnight, I had the joy of cooking this evening. GREAT. I know that when people know I'm cooking they tremble and quake in fear! I know I do at the prospect!

I cooked bbq chicken wings and thighs with sweet potato chips.

It's two weeks on and everyone is still alive. So go me!

We watched the latest ep of S.H.I.E.L.D and then Toy Story. I really don't like Woody (that's what she said). He's a bit of a douche.

Once Chris left, it was still quite early, so I called my Mum and we had a chat. I hoped it would only be a few minutes on the phone but 45 of them later it wasn't so early so I went to bed anyway.

Stupid day.

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