Saturday, 9 November 2013

25/10/2013 - How many office workers does it take to change a lightbulb?


It's dress down day! WHOOP!

My lovely sister-in-law had given me some jeans as baby bump means they don't really fit her right now. They fit me, so I am rocking them today! Thanks, sis! I've never been able to share clothes before, except having forced hand-me-downs from my brother (sigh) so this is fun! I hope that once bump becomes baby, I can repay the favour!

Nothing really of note today to discuss through the working day. Which is really dull for you I guess. Literally the only thing that I actually remember happening is that the light bulb in the store room decided to stop working properly. It was like a strobe disco in there!

The building manager agreed to get us a new one but she needed the one that was in there to make sure she got the right one.

Easier said than done. It wouldn't bloomin' come out! They're supposed to be easy fittings. HA!

We had to watch a video on YouTube as to how to remove it!

Eventually we got it down and were able to order a replacement. No more disco for us.

Shame, as it's pink fizz Friday!

It's the last Friday of the month so it's the rules! This month it's pink as it's Breast Cancer awareness day so we had to wear pink clothes. We had to colour co-ordinate!

After work it was time to go home. Paul bought me a nice bottle of wine and we chilled out with the television as we generally seem to do at the moment.

I might have been a little bit merry. I took myself off to bed quite early on. I really need to have a better lunch on the last Friday of the month. Oops.

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