Sunday, 10 November 2013

26/10/2013 - Working on a weekend. Bah.

Happiest of happy birthdays to my big brother Michael! :) Last one as just a husband, next year you'll be a daddy too! EEK! EVEN MORE PRESENTS FOR YOU!

I woke up very early this morning with a very sore head. Yeah. Well done me! Definitely eating better for lunch on a Fizz Friday. I took strong painkillers, and ate a pitta bread (which I late learnt looked like it was starting to go mouldy...extra penicillin, right?!) and went back to bed for a bit to sleep it off. Which helped.

We couldn't stay in bed long as I had agreed to help my big boss out with a rather dull task of clearing out his late father's shed. The joys of being a PA, right? It wasn't a big shed, so it wouldn't take long, and then the contents needed transporting to our storage box on the other side of Liverpool.

Not a problem.

You probably won't remember, but my boss is a hoarder. So when I say clear out his late father's shed, it's actually a load of newspapers that he removed from our office on demand of the building manager, and must have put there. He's only clearing them now as they've sold the house. Still, it could have been the fun things he used to hoard...(yes - I've had this blog since 2009 or so. Wow!)

So we got to the house and packed everything up (Paul helped) and then left my boss there (!!!) and headed over to the storage site.


When we got there the site manager was nowhere to be seen. Seriously. I was getting a little panicked, knowing that we'd hired colleague T's father-in-law to help us and he had his van full. Sh!t.

Luckily, the chap turned up after about 15 minutes and let us into our crate.

It was full already. Uh oh.

Luckily for us, it wasn't filled in the best manner, more like everything was shoved in there, so my lovely husband showed his amazing tetris skills and managed to not only sort what was in there but fit everything else in too, complete with washing machine!

No more room at the inn!

My husband - the best stacker in all the North-West! Moving house is going to be a sinch with him when the time comes!

We headed home, both hungry. Time for breakfast!

Paul had to leave to go to the football and I had no desire in the world to get up from my resting spot. As, again, I had feline company and when they're all sleepy, they're just adorable!

Barney decided to snuggle up with one of my strappy tops. Very cute. I wonder if I could dress him in it...hmmmmm...

This one (from before Paul left) is a snuggly Moo. It's surprising she's not snuggling me there, as that's her usual position of a weekend when I'm being lazy!

Unflattering bellydot shot of the Barnacle! He's not fat, he's big boned! Honest!

Go on, smush your face into that belly! He'll let you huff it for a few moments before starting to hug your head back! It is a very kissable belly though!

I did get up eventually. I had loads of ironing to do, so had to get on with it. It wasn't going to do itself. I was craving sweet stuff but didn't have any and was far too lazy to go and get some. Even a cup of sugared tea didn't help. I survived. Barely.

I got the ironing done though! This is proof!

Barney loves the washing basket, empty or full. So often I have to re-wash clothes because they're caked in Barney fur from him using it as a bed., Naughty little sausage!

It was then time for a night in front of the tv, with all the usual Saturday favourites, and at some point Paul joined me. I don't think we had a particularly late one though, which was good!

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  1. that is NOT an unflattering belly shot.. (and I totally love the eyes in that last shot)