Sunday, 10 November 2013

27/10/2013 - Lazy Sunday Afternoon, close my eyes and drift awaaaaaay...

Extra points if you get the title reference!

Anyway, today was a much planned and much needed lazy day. For me, anyway. For Paul, not so much.

He went out for a run with his friend Imaginary Iwan, who is getting married next week! Me, I stayed in bed.

Paul came back, showered and went to the shops. I stayed in bed.

Yep - I'm a lazy cow. But at least I admit it! Plus, it makes a certain Madam very unhappy when I get up and she doesn't want me to...


Once Paul was back in and relaxing with me again, we decided that we needed a few films for our entertainment.

 We started with Skyfall, which is a very good film. Then onto Cabin in the Woods, which is also a very good film! Very entertaining for the afternoon! I then decided that I wanted to watch some of the first season of Alias, so we put that on! Love it!

We had dinner and chilled out in front of the television for the rest of the evening. Nothing particularly exciting but very enjoyable nonetheless. Outrage as Deborah Meaden got kicked out of Strictly Come Dancing, and some act that I don't really care about got the boot from X Factor. They're just the build up for Downton Abbey, of course. A bit of culture on a Sunday night is just what the doctor ordered! Yes, M'lady!

Oh, and if you didn't get the reference in the title of the post, it was to one of my favourite songs when I was in my teens (and it was an older song then...I was born too late!)

Love it!

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