Monday, 18 November 2013

29/10/2013 - Tutti Fruity!

Sorry - slipped behind on the updates again. Bad Robot.

Anyway, today was a very blah day. So blah I literally can't remember anything that happened. It's my own fault for leaving it so long before writing it all up. I really should rectify that!

A-HA! I sent a bucket load of texts to Paul today so I can remember that I was in a REALLY bad mood today as someone had left a load of snotty notes on my desk first thing for me to deal with. Basically telling me how to do my job. I'm not stupid. I've been doing this for a long time. It got me really cranky.

I managed not to commit any heinous crimes and got to lunch time without a hiccough.

This is a blurry pic of my lunch. Fruit salad and strawberry yogurt. Bit dull but tasty all the same!

This afternoon I found out that one of our parcels had gone walkabout, and not delivered to our head office as it should have been. I was getting shouted at for not sending it properly but I was 99% certain that I had. It's always the 1% that gives you niggly discomfort, so I was trying my best to try to work out what had gone on.

It turned out that our Document Xchange company had decided that they didn't want to deliver it to the address I had specified on the label but to a different company instead. That company tried to send it back, stating that they need to deliver it to the address I had written on the label. The deliverers decided that no, this other company (let's call them XYZ) was where our parcel needed to be. ARGH.

Luckily XYZ isn't that far away from our head office, so one of the lads actually had to drive to go and collect it, even though IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE BY THE DELIVERY COMPANY.

The nice chap from our head office called me to let me know that it wasn't me that was at fault but the delivery company who had put a different delivery sticker on the parcel so it got sent somewhere else.

Panic over, at least. I am still some few weeks later fuming about this.

I probably sat in a grump for the rest of the day. Which wasn't a friendly thing to do, as Paul wasn't feeling very well so wasn't in a great mood either. Oops.

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