Tuesday, 31 December 2013

30/12/2013 - Silence is golden

Back to work this morning. Waaaa.

Double waaa, as I really didn't sleep well. I woke a few times feeling queasy during the night, and was woken a few times by stomping Barnacles, as ever. At least he's happy to see me at that time in the morning!

I was also woken up at some stage by the baby that lives next door banging something against our shared wall...and all I could hear was it's mother laughing at him. Yeah. I'll get my revenge one day, lady. I might get Barney to stomp on the wall (although not sure how I can feasibly do that) and see how they like it! YEAH! That'll show 'em!

It was like the morning after a zombie apocalypse or something. It was silent on the business park where our office is!

I don't really mind being alone, but it was weird, I have to be honest. There used to be an emergency GP office next to ours so there would always be a few people and cars but now they've gone and there was just nobody about!

I had a productive morning, doing bits and bobs with the radio on loud to keep me company. I might have been singing 80s songs at the top of my lungs, but you can't prove it was me...

I wasn't feeling too bad at work either! I was a bit worried after feeling so naff all yesterday, but if I had needed to be sick, at least I wouldn't have had to run out on my boss or anything!

I left the office just after 2pm, as agreed with A before he finished for Christmas half-way through December. Mostly for safety reasons. I don't really fancy walking through a dark deserted carpark on my own in the rain where there's no-one to hear you scream. Not that I would be able to scream after singing 'Club Tropicana' at full blast earlier on...allegedly...

I got in and felt very sleepy. I had good intentions of tidying up and doing some washing etc, but they failed as soon as I sat on the sofa and Barney joined me.

Yes, I bribed him into cuddling me by putting a bed on the sofa. I bought that bed for Maia when I first got her, and she rarely used it. Barney loves it!

This is when I managed to catch Maia on video doing the strangest thing!

We bought Kong the other week, as a treat for Barney while he was feeling poorly but Maia took more of a shine to it.

I am assured that it's normal, however having only seen Maia do this in the last few weeks it's a big surprise! Bear in mind I've had her for over 7 years!

Mummy still beats Kong for a cuddle though. Damn right I do! :)

Paul came home and I was still vegetating on the sofa. I was just exhausted, after barely eating for a couple of days. I also had a headache, which I am blaming on the same.

I had some of the leftovers pie which Paul had made, as I didn't feel sick and needed to eat something. I washed it down with water and kept my fingers crossed it would cure me!

I was still feeling ok at around 8pm ish, except for the tiredness, so I took myself off to bed.

Determined not to be disturbed by Bouncing Barnacles or Banging Babies, I took precautions.

Attractive eye mask and ear plugs selfie. Oh yes. I am sleeping tonight!

Paul came to bed just after 10. I woke up realising I still had a headache and felt a little sick again. Urgh. THIS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!

29/12/2013 - Feeling sorry for myself.

I'm still poorly sick.

Had a bad night's sleep as my stomach was like a cement mixer and I couldn't get comfortable at all. Now I'm sure that some of it is from the massive meals that we had for our dinner, but as that was Tuesday and Wednesday and it's now Sunday, there must be something else going on here.

Nausea is not fun.

Needless to say, the best place for me was bed, so that's where I stayed all day. I rarely got up at all. I'd usually make a joke about how lazy I am, but as I couldn't get comfortable in bed so was fidgeting a LOT, I don't think I'd have been comfortable anywhere else in the house!

How like my father I am sometimes! He gets stomach bugs by just looking at something the wrong way.

I sat and played sims for a while, like I do, cuddled with Maia for a while, like I do, and read some of The Hobbit. Because it's been a while!

Paul played on SimCity for a while, because if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! He realised he needed to pop to the shops to get a few more bits and bobs so headed out after we lost a few hours immersed in our various pixelated games!

He was nice and came back with some medicine for me.

Gently relieves? More like tastes so much like soap that a few hours later I throw up again?!

It probably wasn't helped by the fact that I went down to speak to Paul and I saw him cooking our 'leftovers pie' which I was so excited about. Because who doesn't love turkey, ham and leek pie?

I have a big sad face right now.

It's not like the smell of it could affect me at all, because I can't smell! It really was just the sight of the food that made me go! Stupid poorly stomach.

Oh, while I remember, check out Paul's Christmas present from his mum!

Bright red shiny frying pan! :)

I gave up and went back to bed. Paul was kind enough to do any eating downstairs, and he brought me a slice of bread to keep me going and to see if I could keep it down. I could! Success! There's only so far that water can get you!

I was starting to flag, after the bad sleep, so sat and stared at 'Honest Movie Trailers' on YouTube. If you haven't seen them then I urge you do. They really do make me giggle. Not as much as the 'Bad Lip-synching' ones but they do amuse!

I then gave up, shut the laptop down and tried to get some sleep. Fingers crossed for me...

Nope. After an hour, I was retching again. It's going to be a long night...

Monday, 30 December 2013

28/12/2013 - I'm the worst Mummy in the world.

I was so sick during the night. Yes, again.

I don't think it was the wine or the gin or the beer, as I didn't have that much. There was something that wasn't working out for me all day and the gin suppressed it for a while, but it came back with a vengeance at around 2am.

So I came back to the bedroom after about half an hour feeling as though I might be able to get some more sleep and noticed that there was FINALLY some room for me on the mattress! SCORE! So I clambered in and settled down to go to sleep. Paul decided (in his sleep) that he wanted a cuddle and slammed his arm onto my stomach. WONDERFUL.

I managed to shake myself free and got some more sleep until just after 5 when Barney decided that he wanted to play in a plastic bag that I had missed when preparing myself for sleep. Damn cat. I moved it and he decided to stomp (yes, on my stomach) and then come for a cuddle too. Maia came and sat on my legs and I finally felt ok.

I got back to sleep and woke up just after 9, parched. So I got up to make a brew and had a chat with Paul's Mum for a while before Paul got up.

The cats sat with me and watched the birds, then a little friend came for a visit.

 I know you can't really see very well but there's a little robin next to the bird feeder pole!

I love robins and if you believe in reincarnation, then my maternal grandmother would absolutely have come back as a robin! So it's always nice to see them over the festive period to remind us that she is still with us somehow.

The cats were chattering away at it, so I told then unless they were being nice and friendly to leave the birdy alone!

While Paul cooked breakfast (and I hid in the bedroom as I really didn't fancy breakfast and Paul's Dad was being...odd...) I packed up our bits and bobs while trying to be stealthy so as not to alert Maia. If she got even so much as a hint as to what I was up to, she would be under the Christmas tree and not coming out for love nor money!

We managed to do it! Luckily for us, the sun was shining outside so instead of huddling under the Christmas tree next to the radiator, she was sunning herself in the window! I picked her up and gave her a cuddle. She purred loud. Until she saw Paul appear with her box and she tried to get away! AW! I feel so bad taking her from her favourite place.

We had to pull Barney down from on top of the wardrobes (no easy feat!), pack up the car and get on our merry way. Maia was NOT. HAPPY. And she vocalised this on plenty more than one occasion on the 45 minute drive home!

We got in and started unpacking. I had the crazy notion of tidying the living room. My enthusiasm did not last long and I begrudgingly finished the job. I do like it when it's clean and tidy but it's a pain in the backside to do! Especially when your little helpers decide to knock things onto the floor when you've moved them out the way to sort later on. Urgh.

I gave up and decided to watch tv for a bit. There really was nothing on, and now all the reality tv (Strictly and X Factor) have finished, there really is just drudge on to fill the gap. We put on a fan-made documentary about Firefly/Serenity (which was interesting, and also made us feel like we weren't the biggest nerds in the world, which is nice! No offence to any of them though. Fair play for your passion and you're welcome to join with #Whedonsday any time you like!) and then were still stuck for something to watch for the rest of the evening.

We decided on Tucker & Dale vs Evil. We didn't really know what to expect. It was fun!

Very predictable, but fun!

Then, stuck for ways to fill time before Match of the Day for Paul, we watched some Russell Brand stand up from 2009. It was quite funny actually! I am surprised by how much I enjoyed it! I don't mind Russell Brand at all, but that did amuse me! Especially when reading out some of the offensive emails he had received!

Then it was time for Match of the Day. I managed for a while but then felt it was time to retire to bed after a cup of peppermint tea.

We made the bed and I got into OUR comfy bed with my amazing pillow and a purring Maia. Happy place.

27/12/2013 - Extra Day Off!

Much needed lie in this morning. Barney was stomping a LOT and I think he tried to break my shoulder at one point! Little beep!

Paul got up first to watch some of yesterday's football again. I lingered in bed. Because I could! Joys of taking today off work. It doesn't make sense to me that today wasn't just cancelled for our work as it was for so many others. Paul's office decided to close. Why couldn't ours?

Luckily, T was able to go in to work, as she's off on holiday from tomorrow, so I could be lazy for another day!

I got up and tried to catch up with Christmas blogging. Guys, the last two posts have taken me AGES to write! I don't know why! Just so much to say I guess! Typical that there are posts with so few words with them and now I'm getting to the final straight of my self-set challenge, I have loads to talk about!

We had breakfast, and then Paul remembered he had some mail to drop off, so I went with him to get some fresh air. Talk about fresh - it's bloomin' windy outside! To the extent that we decided not to go home today, but wait until tomorrow when the weather is supposedly a little less apocalyptic!

This made Barney very happy indeed!

It's hard being a Barney. He does so love this house! We've had him running around like a maniac!

Once the decision was made to stay at Paul's parents' for another day, we relocated for the afternoon. I carried on working but decided that laying on the night firm brick-like mattress was the best place to type!

Maia, inevitably, decided that Mummy being comfortable means that she will be comfortable, so of all the amazingly cozy places she could curl up, she chose my legs!

Happy puss!

Paul made us a light lunch from leftovers: posh cheese on toast, using up the remains of the posh bread and some of the cheeseboard. Of course, I spilt ketchup on myself, because I'm a classy bird.

I decided that I would give Paul's Mum a copy of our wedding video, as recorded by my brother, but as the folder was 3.5gb (!) it wouldn't fit on her memory stick which held our wedding pictures. Typical! So I had to copy the files a few at a time over onto her pc. It took literally an hour. And after all that stress, we decided to head to the local pub (where Paul worked as a younger man) for a couple of drinks.

My half pint was not going down well. Paul had polished off a whole pint before I had got even half way through. I had been feeling queasy all afternoon and that wasn't helping.

We decided to switch to gin and tonic because tonic water sounds like medicine. It worked! I didn't feel sick any more! It's a miracle!

We reviewed the year while we were in the pub and set ourselves little goals for next. Not resolutions as such, but things that we wish to achieve. That's important.

We got back to uber cuteness from Maia.

 That's a happy girl! I got better ones on Paul's Mum's camera, but I didn't take a copy! I think she was trying to guilt me into not making her go home tomorrow! Soz, kitty! That's not the way it works!

Barney, not content with all the attention Maia was getting decided to try to 'cute up' himself.

Not quite, Beep, but the joy of that chair is that it makes Barney look all cute and small! Not like the giant beast he is in real life!

Maia wins this round!

Time to christen Paul's Christmas present from me with a nice gin and tonic before dinner.

The glasses were nice but they do feel very fragile! We'll not use them as every day glasses but they are nice!

Paul made all of us steak for dinner. As that house is the loudest house in the world, I hid in the dining room and picked one of the few channels that is on the tv in there to watch. It was a G0rd0n Ram$ay cooking show where he was cooking with his family. That'll do. We even left it on over dinner!

One by one people left me to my own devices, and I watched the beginning of Shawshank Redemption. Yes, we only watched it the other day, but we missed the beginning! So I watched up to where we saw the other night, then joined Paul's Mum to watch some of Bridget Jones's Diary, before heading to bed.

But I couldn't go to bed because there was a Paul sprawled across the whole mattress leaving no room for me.

Floor it is then! It's a good job it's good for my back!

26/12/2013 - Family Fun Day!

Woke up this morning and felt as fresh as a daisy! Which was unexpected to be honest! With a long day ahead of us that was necessary!

We had breakfast and all took our turn in the shower, then all crammed into Paul's dad's car to head over to Blackpool! We didn't linger, just deposited Paul's parents and then we headed over to Preston for the Boxing Day traditional Hartley family gathering!

We were the second to arrive, being beaten there by my Mum and Dad! So we exchanged presents and while they gave me vouchers, we gave them their copy of our wedding album! I think they liked it! Mum especially! She can stop guilt tripping me about getting any official pictures now!

Once everyone arrived, the buffet opened and the clan descended on the dining table - my husband and my father being the first there. No surprise! :)

There were an array of Christmas jumpers this year, which was nice. I was wearing mine (which had moulted all over the car!) but Paul forgot his. Silly billy!

After food there was high demand (mostly from my lovely cousin Adam, dressed in his Santa onesie) for the start of the sharing of Secret Santa presents! Yay!

Of course, we gave the little 'uns some gifts first and they seemed to enjoy those!

Then it was the adults' turn! Naturally, with someone here in a Santa onesie, he had to dish out the presents to us all!

 Dad was up first!

Secret Santa also came for little Jacob too!

 A drill! Another drill! He likes his drills does our Jacob!

Paul got beer. So he was happy!

Genuine smile there from my hubby!

My Secret Santa present? Well...I'm not really sure how to take it...

Either a hint that I should do more washing up or someone calling me a diva? Either way, it'll look cool next to my sink!

We sat around and chatted some more and my dad fell asleep. As he does!

Cousin Daniel enjoys the baby's present! Apparently it was really good!

How cute are these pics of Adam with little Jacob?! He's adorable and loves Adam to pieces! He thinks he's funny! Well, he is!

I couldn't resist getting in on the action!

Seriously, he is just too cute!

So Paul couldn't resist getting in on the action either!

Can't beat a good selfie!

Then it was time for pudding!

It's not a Hartley family party without jelly and blancmange! It's tradition!

There was also a new tradition!

Cheese! You know we love cheese and this selection was not to be scoffed at! Paired with some of the chilli jam my parents had made...perfection.

Gorgeous little Emily in her spotty onesie! She's at that stage where she's ready to walk but hasn't got her balance yet, but she's crawling around everywhere and pulling herself up! Next time we see her (whenever that is) she'll be walking! It's madness!

We left my Aunt's house and then drove back over to Blackpool to see the Kirkham clan. Yes - we have to do it all again!

Luckily there were kids there as well, so there was more play time!

And more presents to open!

Little O and S are just adorable boys! They're always a bit wary of you at first but then I think when they see that you want to play and give them attention, they love you!

So naturally, I had a play with them! :) We played with their pirate ship and remote controlled cars...I even went in their den under the dining table! If that's not acceptance from toddlers, I don't know what is!

The other star of the show was Paul's Aunt's dog - Asali! She's a Rhodesian Ridgeback and about 8 or 9 months old. Which you will not believe when you see the size of her!

I just love her worried little face!

Just to show the size of her paws...

Yes, she was having a nibble. No it didn't hurt. She was just playing. Such a cutie!

The boys had been taken to get ready for bed. When they came back they were in their superhero onesies! No longer O and S but Spiderman and The Hulk!

Not particularly flattering of me! I was trying to get them to do big cheesy grins! Instead they are cute and lovely and I look like the Cheshire Cat!

They are adorable. They also decided that they were going to take down The Evil Caroline and both came and piled on me! With the dog! Well, if Evil Caroline is going to be defeated, it may as well be by Spiderman and The Hulk, right?! Oh, and The Great Asali!

Almost like butter wouldn't melt, eh? She's so energetic, as you'd imagine for a 9 month old puppy but she is a lovely girl as well. I can't believe she could grow any more!

A blurred view of her ridgeback!

I just want to give her a big hug and a kiss and tell her everything is ok!

Yep - that's a giant paw!

We said our goodbyes so we weren't too late home and headed back on the motorway. There was a rather odd noise coming from the car, so when we were about half way home, we stopped at the service station to see what had got caught on the bottom of the car.

Nothing had got caught, as such, but part of the undercarriage of the car had fallen off and was dragging along the road!


It wouldn't come loose, so we carried on home hoping we'd get back ok. We did, thank goodness! Really didn't want that flying off and hitting someone else's car.

I got in and called my Mum to let her know we were safe. I then watched some of the Big Fat Quiz of the Year which was ok. It was time to go to bed though. It had been a long day. Paul and his Mum were watching Match of the Day, so I finished my wine and headed for sleepyland.

Boofle got cuddles. Of course. I love Boofle.