Saturday, 14 December 2013

03/12/2013 - Another bad one

We had another pretty sleepless night. Poor Barney.

Luckily for me, it's the last day that T is off work, so I just have to get through today! It wasn't a bother! I did the same as yesterday - arranged the paperwork whilst listening to my audiobook!

My current book of choice is Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich. If you recall, I read a mad amount of the books in this series whilst on holiday in July, and listened to 'Notorious Nineteen' whilst making the wedding place cards. This is the year of Stephanie Plum!

It's a good listen, if not a tiny bit predictable. The story arc is the same every time, pretty much. Which is starting to get a little tired now. And this one has a wild giraffe in it. So extra minus points from me. But otherwise I am entertained! It's harmless fun, despite what I've said, and because you can predict where the story is going, it makes it more entertaining to see if you can guess where the bad guy is hiding!

After work I came home, and Paul and I watched even more Arrow. Yes, we've nearly finished the first season! We ate chicken wings (which had all fallen off the bone by the time we came to eat them!) and before we went to bed I ordered some intense hairball biscuits for Barney. They work on Maine Coons so fingers crossed they'll help him...

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