Sunday, 15 December 2013

04/12/2013 - Carbalicious!

I managed to get an OK amount of sleep last night. Was woken up by Barney, of course, but that comes as standard these days.

T was back today, which was a relief as I was falling behind in my work. My nice quick productive two days however, faded into the background. It turns out that having company makes me a lot slower at my work!

Still, it was good to have her back.

Time came for lunch, and I had got myself something new and exciting to try: Italian Wedding Soup!

I don't know why it's that name but it has meatballs, macaroni and loads of veg in it! It's actually not that bad, even though the meatballs don't actually taste like meat!

Everything was going well until 4:55pm when my big boss T asked me if I could stay a tiny bit later as he had some people coming for a meeting. Sure, what time? They'll be here at 5, he said.

Only one of them had arrived by 5:15pm. I had to tell him I had someone coming round so couldn't stay too long. He said I could go, but just as I was about to leave, someone else arrived, so I had to make them a brew.

I had to go, even though they were expecting someone else. If he'd have given me more notice, it wouldn't be a problem. Urgh, I hate tardiness. Why say you'll be at a meeting at 5 and not be there by 5:25?!

Anyway, I rushed home and made preparations for #Whedonsday. As Paul had football, I was left in charge of the cooker, and as usual, I prepared pasta bake.

I feel bad about that, so I promised Chris I would learn something else for when Paul's not in to feed us! He provided me with some inspiration:

Yes, it's a student cook book, but hey - if it tastes good, can't knock it! Will have to try it out in a couple of weeks!

Paul got back from the football at about 11:30pm. He had a drink while I nodded off. Or at least tried to!

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