Sunday, 15 December 2013

05/12/2013 - Same old Thursday night...

Paul had to be up early this morning. After coming in late last night. Which meant that both of us were awake at silly o'clock

I think I sleep-walked through the day. I have very little recollection of anything that happened today!

My big plans when I got home were to have dinner and get some ironing done. Which I did! Yeah!

See! I cooked! I made stir fry veg and noodles in a tomato and coconut indian sauce. It was...ok. Not amazing but not offensive.

My favourite bit were the beans. They were scrummy!

I got quite a lot of ironing done, but not all of it. Not the end of the world - I'll get some done at some point in the weekend.

Paul got in at not too late a time, so we had a glass of wine but I was pretty goosed so I went up to bed. I REALLY need to sleep!

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