Sunday, 15 December 2013

06/12/2013 - Happy Birthday, Chris!

It's my very good friend Chris's birthday today! 30 years young! Happy birthday, pal!

A LONG Friday in work. Nothing really to discuss. T and I were hoping to have a Fizz Friday, as A was off and we haven't had one in AGES. That all went wrong when big boss T decided to hang around the office to make sure we stayed until 5pm. Seriously. I left to go and meet Paul and he left the building 1 minute later. Not impressed.

Still - I'm not in work until Wednesday afternoon! WHOOP!

It's Paul's Liverpool Christmas Party tonight and it had a Great Gasby theme. We had a back-up plan that Paul could wear his tux, but he spent his lunch time googling outfits and trying to find something similar.

I think he brushed up quite well!

After he left, I made myself another portion of the stir fry and had a nice relaxing evening. I thought I'd get some film on that Paul wouldn't want to watch. I started off low - Pitch Perfect.

It was harmless fun. Nothing to shout home about.

Next - Les Miserables.

It's BLOODY long! It's good, but I felt that it was very stretched. I didn't feel that with the stage show. Probably because there's an interval! :)

I had company!


I think we both enjoyed it!

After Les Miserables, I watched whatever was on the TV. Which is when Paul came in. Absolutely smashed. The most drunk I have seen him in a loooooooooooong time. He blamed 'my boy, my baby boy Barney!'


So he toddled off to bed. And I...had another glass of wine and wrote some more blog!

 I went to bed around 1:30am. The latest I have stayed up in AGES!

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