Monday, 16 December 2013

08/12/2013 - Desperation

Paul woke me up on the sofa. Oops. I really should not have slept there. I vaguely remember waking up during the night and realising that I was on the sofa (and also had both Maia and Barney curled up on me!) but didn't do anything about it.

I went up to bed, and managed to get a little more sleep. My chest still hurt so was dosing up on painkillers for the time being.

Barney isn't good. He's 'being Gollum' far too often than is normal and nothing is coming out. It's a little worrying.

I had ordered some cat biscuits earlier in the week but they hadn't arrived yet. So we headed out to Pets at Home to buy some so we could get them sooner and see if they help.

It states 'proven efficiency in 21 days'. I'm not sure I can wait 21 days. If it's even hairballs. It's not fun.

I also bought Barney a Kong Kickaroo as a little treat. He loved it! Until Maia got her paws on it and started licking it. Serious slobber coming from her. Now Barney has no interest in it and Maia takes the top in her teeth and walks around crouching over it with it between her legs. Any clues? Thinking she's treating it like a kitten?

Anyway, between trying to feed Barney hairball treats (which he doesn't like) and generally chilling, it was a fairly uneventful day.

We vegetated in front of the tv, watched Strictly and X Factor and chilled some more. We had a really nice bottle of red with dinner and then I headed to bed, hoping to get some sleep and that Barney didn't have another bad night.

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