Monday, 16 December 2013

09/12/2013 - 6 Years!

6 years ago today Paul and I had our first date! 2 years ago today he proposed to me! Happy anniversary, honey!

Yes, we're still going to celebrate. Any excuse!

I had a crappy night's sleep as Barney was ill again. Getting really worried now.

I stayed in bed for a lie in (day off, WHOOP!) and Paul went downstairs to give me some peace. While he was down there he accepted a delivery!

Our Christmas wine arrived! Yes, that's a magnum of wine right there. Ho ho ho!

We had a pretty lazy day, which we kinda regret to be honest as it's a bit of a waste of a day but why take a day off work to be productive when you can take two days off and be lazy on one of them?!

We needed to get some food for dinner, and some fizz (because it's our anniversary, damnit!) and as I had an Amaz0n delivery to collect, we headed up to our local Co-op. How convenient that we can now collect items from said online store at the Co-op! Will be using that facility again!

When we got home, Paul was randomly scrolling through some old email conversations we had had years earlier! From, like, 2009 or something! In one of them it mentioned chippy tea.

So we had to have chippy tea. With fizz. Because we're classy, like!

Steak pie, chips, peas (not mushy, sadly. GET ON IT, LIVERPOOL!) and gravy. More traditional British grub!

After the fizz had ended (which always makes me sad) we had a really nice bottle of rose from our Christmas box...well...we do have to make sure it's not poisoned.

It wasn't poisoned. It was possibly one of the nicest roses we have had in a while.

After some more tv, we headed to bed. We will be productive tomorrow. Promise.

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