Tuesday, 17 December 2013

10/10/2013 - Sad Face.

Another bad night of Barney/Gollum my poor little sausage.

I stayed in bed a while and got another hour or so sleep. Paul went downstairs to do some work as he had some catching up to do.

When I got up I decided to be productive as well, so I did some ironing. Barney came to join me.

I don't think he wanted that iron to come any closer.

My poorly boy.

He really was uncomfortable. He was 'coughing' while not doing anything. In fact, when he's playing and active, he's fine. He only 'Gollums' when resting, which is why he's disturbing my sleep, I think.

The more I ironed, the worse I was feeling about leaving him suffering. So I called the vet.

We managed to get an appointment as soon as we liked, so we packed Barney up and headed to see the nice lady vet.

He did NOT want to come out of his carrier. We had to take it apart to lift him out!

She listened to his chest and groped his stomach. She asked a lot of questions and gave him the dreaded thermometer up his backside. He was thrilled, as you can imagine.

She was concerned about the amount that he's retching, and thinks he could have swallowed something that's stuck maybe.

She picked him to to weigh him and was a little surprised by how much of a lump he is! In fact, she referred to him as 'a bit of a Unit'! Which is true. He's around 7.8kg! She didn't say he was fat or overweight so I'm not going to worry about that. Not to sound like a defensive parents but 'he's just a big boy!'

She gave him an injection (can't remember what it was for) and gave us some medicine to squirt into his mouth twice a day.


We also have to not feed him until tomorrow. Easier said than done. He was hungry and we have Maia to feed. He was giving us the 'sad' eyes. Yep - most effective guilt trip in the world, kitten.

So we had a sombre evening, staying up a little later than usual and avoiding the big sad eyes in the kitchen!

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  1. do you have a diagnosis, or are they throwing meds at symptoms and thinking it will fix it?