Tuesday, 17 December 2013

11/12/2013 - This Girl is on FIIIIIIRE!

My poor little Barney boy had another bad night. I used to start blog posts bragging about getting up for the gym at silly o'clock in the morning but that is no more. Now it's all about lack of sleep due to Golluming Barnacles. **Great name for a band right there!**

Luckily, we were off work this morning. So even though Paul got up and worked from home, I tried to get another few hours sleep. I think I got a little more but not enough. I can really feel the fatigue.

If this video works, you can see what he's like.

Note that I had brought some biscuits to him and he was still wanting to eat those even while retching. Daft boy.

I got to work just after one, and it immediately felt like I hadn't been away. I was just as tired as if I had been in work all week already!

I went through the motions of the day and confessed to T that I thought I'd be asleep really early tonight.

That was not an option, as we had a hot date!

Due to the cancellation of #Whedonsday, we decided to take advantage of Orange Wednesday (or is it EE Wednesday...I'm not clear on that...) which means you buy a cinema ticket and you get one free!

So we went to see Catching Fire!

 We enjoyed it! It's been a while since I read the books - I think it was last year some time - so I couldn't remember exactly what happened, but I think it was very good. Looking forward to the next instalment!

It was after 10 when we got home, so we had a quick drink, medicated Barney and went to bed.

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