Tuesday, 17 December 2013

12/12/2013 - Another long day!

 Blah blah, bad sleep, blah blah.

This isn't good, is it.

Giving Barney his medicine is not an easy task. I'm sure people who are used to treating kitties are experts but we've never had to do it before. So starting with an 8kg feisty cat is probably not the best way to learn.

We watched a video on YouTube on how to hold the cat and do it, but they don't take into account that he is NOT placid. This morning we got him on the breakfast bar. Yep. Not doing that again. Maybe on the bed this time so there's less...slippage...

I'm now so scarred by Barney. More than I have been in a while. His claws aren't even that sharp at the moment. Urgh.

I went to work after having a bit of a tidy up, and went through the motions of the day. Our office is warm and not brightly lit. Which isn't particularly conducive to staying awake.

I managed to get out on time and was greeted at the door by my Mum and Dad who decided to come and visit! We got back to the house and caught up a little while waiting for Paul to get home to make us dinner.

**yeah yeah**

He was running late, so Dad and I popped to the shops to get ingredients for our monster paella. We hadn't made that for them before so that's exciting.

They enjoyed it.

We had a nice bottle of aged Rioja with our dinner, which complimented it well!

Yep - that says 2004. Nice 9 year old wine. I do love a Rioja.

After Mum and Dad left, we relaxed a little, sorted some stuff for their Christmas present and then headed to bed ourselves. Once again, fingers crossed for a better night for Barney.

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