Sunday, 1 December 2013

13/11/13 - "Good Morning!"

Just another regular ol' Wednesday. Nothing to see here!

This is actually fact. It was a normal, nothing special day in work. I had 3 days of work to do in today's 8 hours as I am off for the rest of the week! Whoop!

I managed to get everything done and to the right people in the time I had and I didn't have to work late! This makes me a very happy bunny rabbit!

What else makes me a happy girl? Getting presents to myself through the post that I had forgotten I had ordered!

YAY FOR EXTENDED HOBBIT! Why I bought the 3D Blu-Ray is a mystery but at least it has normal 2D and digital copy so we can enjoy it later in the week. Not sure when as yet but it's going to be awesome!

I came home and made all the necessary arrangements for #Whedonsday. Which is always a pleasure.

It was a fun evening. Sarcastic comments over episodes of Buffy - what's gonna be bad about that?! Some of the fashions from back in the 90s when it was filmed were questionable to say the least! That's what makes it fun though! I mean, come on, who didn't love tie dye?!

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