Monday, 2 December 2013

14/11/2013 - Hotness

I love not having to get up of a morning! Being able to laze in bed for as long as possible where it's nice and warm and occasionally a kitty may come and snuggle up next to you. *Sigh* it's great. I dislike when my husband isn't able to do all that with me and instead has to get up at silly o'clock in the morning to go to work in Manchester leaving me wide awake pre 6am and not able to nod off back to sleep. Yes, that was today.

But here's a picture of my rather dapper husband and his beard, which is still going.

Rocking the 3-piece suit my love!

I lazed about for most of the morning. I was waiting for a text message to come through from my friend Koran whom I had arranged to meet for lunch. As she's a life-saving nurse and working nights, we agreed to make it a late lunch, so it meant I could go and do a bit of shopping before we met up.

I had a few bits and bobs to get to finish off Paul's birthday present, and I needed to get some warmer pajamas. Stupid non-working heating!

It was nasty weather out but luckily the rain held off. It was just a tad blustery!

I met with Koran and we went to the East Village Arts Club restaurant. It's a nice and simple menu but it was really nice! I had macaroni cheese (with bacon, naturally), and Koran had a chilli dog with some cheese-breaded parsnips (which we shared) and it really was delish!

The only downside was that the little pan that the mac and cheese came in was so damn hot, I only had to catch my hand on it a little and it burnt! :(

See the burn? I added the arrows just in case you couldn't. I've had worse (glue gun) but it didn't half tingle!

After I left K to go and get ready for her next night shift, I did a little window shopping and found some rather entertaining Christmas jumpers. I think this is the year for Paul and I to purchase our first hideous Christmas jumpers. We've been talking about it for years so I think that our first Christmas as a married couple should be the year that we actually do it!

It took Paul AGES to come back from Manchester and he was very hangry. So he bought naughty pizza for dinner and we settled in to watch the new Hobbit blu-ray! I kinda knew it wouldn't take us long!

We've both got tomorrow off work for date day/Paul's pre-birthday celebration, so why not start the party early?!

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