Wednesday, 18 December 2013

14/12/2013 - Let the festivities commence...

I had a fairly decent sleep. I KNOW, RIGHT?! I could hear your gasps of shock and disbelief from here!

Whomever invented earplugs, I want to shake you by the hand!

I did hear Barney a little but the silence was just...yeah!

I still have a lot of sleep to catch up on, but for now, one fairly decent night will do me tip top!

We had a relaxed morning, where Paul waited to see if he'd get a hangover, and I caught up with my blog! Being up to date is awesome! I really should try to stick with it now. We all know I won't, but there's not long left of the year so I really should try!

I had to heave myself out of my laziness and into the shower far earlier than normal as it's Christmas Party day, and so I have to preen myself a LOT for this night!

I curled my naturally curly hair to make prettier curls in the hope that they would fall out a little and just be nice. I think it worked!

We then packed up ourselves and the kitties and headed over to Paul's parents' house in Manchester to set up camp for the weekend!

We had a detour to make so were a little later than we had hoped to be, so I had to get straight on with finishing getting ready!

Unfortunately for me, I didn't realise quite how low cut my dress was, having not worn it for a while. The tiny safety pin that I had didn't really help much. Best stand up straight the rest of the evening!

The doors to the party opened at 7pm. I got there at about 7.15pm. I couldn't see a soul that I knew. They joys of working in a small office and it being a year since I last saw most of my colleagues! Eventually a familiar face appeared and I was able to make some acquaintances so I wouldn't be a loner for the rest of the evening!

We headed up to the suite where our meal was to be, which was very nice. Sadly our table was far from full, and they even took one of our table-mates away from us to sit with his office friends so there were 3 empty chairs at our table! More food for us though, right?

Yes, I sat in Caroline Hartley's seat. No idea who she is, so sorry to Caroline Hartley for eating your work Christmas dinner!

I had onion soup to start with, which was delish. It had Mrs Kirkham's cheese on the top, so naturally I was going to have it. Plus the other starter was smoked salmon which I'm not the biggest fan of!

Then for the main...

Yup - turkey dinner. The food would have been lovely had it not been for the gravy which really let it down. It was really rich and very salty. Luckily for me, I'm used to only being able to take salt in food so I polished off the lot! Not sure anyone else did though!

Then, after a short break, pudding! It was a Christmas tart, which was flavoured like Christmas pudding but in a tart. It was really nice. The people that didn't really eat the main course ate all the spare puds that were going! Can't blame them!

Then came the after dinner teas and coffees. I wish I'd chosen coffee as the tea was so weak it was disgusting. Still, it's a non-alcoholic beverage which is probably a good idea at a do like this!

I got stopped mid slurp and people were told to look at the bottom of my mug. I finished my tea and joined them. I saw this.

Big bossman A found it hilarious. I suppose it warrants a titter!

I then had had enough liquid courage to actually get up and talk to people! Well - they weren't going to come to me!

A few more drinks were had and people got more and more relaxed. So then there was nothing for it than to have a dance or two, and dress people up in the random props on the table!

This is I. He makes a good Christmas tree, no? And he was sober!

This is S. He was shaking his Madonna b00bs to 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You'. As you do.

It was a good night. It wasn't to end here though. At 1am when they kicked us out, we went into town for a few!

I called it a night after an hour but apparently there were one or two...or more...who stayed out til 5am!!!

Paul's Dad picked me up and took me back to the house. I cuddled my kitties for a while and then headed to bed where I found Paul asleep cuddling a pair of large headphones.


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