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15/11/2013 - Paul and Caroline's Day of FUN!

Yes, it's FINALLY time for Paul and Caroline's day of FUN! We both booked the day off as it's Paul's birthday on Monday but I couldn't have that day, so we agreed to celebrate today!

So we started our day with, guess what?! A lie in! We're so good at lie ins we could win medals!

We also performed an experiment whilst slurping on tea and listening to the radio. We have two identical cat beds, and we wanted to see whether the cats preferred them as they should be, or bottoms up, so to speak. They always seem to lie in them the wrong way round, and we wondered whether it was just because that's the way that they were at the time of trying to find somewhere to get comfy or whether it was preferable.

It seems as though they like them the wrong way up. Huh. I can't remember the last time I saw one of them lying in the bed when it was at it should be! How interesting.

Could ponder it for too long, as we had to get ready to go into town. The first stop on our day of fun was lunch. We decided to go to Fazenda, which is a fairly new Brazilian restaurant in the business district in town.

If you've not been the the likes of this before, basically it's an all you can eat meat restaurant! You have a card on your table, and if it's turned green...

(No idea why this has rotated this way!)
...they will bring freshly cooked steak, pork, lamb, chicken, gammon etc to your table. If you turn your card to red...

...they won't bring it to you. You can keep going as long as you like! EXCELLENT, I hear you cry! I could eat steak until it comes out my ears!

Well, the twist to the tale is that they have a rather wonderful salad bar, which is PACKED full of goodies, and you don't really need the meats to get full and have a lovely meal! The trick is to time your salad gettings and not fill your plate. It's REALLY difficult.

The food here was amazing. It really was so good! The lunch time menu is slightly smaller than the evening one, understandably, so we had a bit of pretty much everything I think. The steak was just perfectly cooked. They had rare for Paul and medium for me. They also brought some pork belly in a honey glaze which is pretty much my happy place on a plate!

 Polished off the lot!

Because we checked in on facebook, we were even given a free cocktail! Which to say it's about 1pm, may be a bit early for some but as we had eaten so much already, we had a good lining on our stomach to say the least!

They were quite strong, but very nice!

I also fell for the wine glasses as well! They aired it so nicely that it accented the flavour. Apparently. I can't taste properly so I'd never know!

After lunch, we heading into town to do a bit of window shopping for ideas for Christmas presents. We got a few ideas. We had a quick drink at a bar and then headed to the cinema where we had a hot date with an Asgardian God or two!

I also got very excited as one of the trailers was for this:

Yes I took a picture of the cinema screen. I do that. I was just too excited! To see it in Imax as well was extra good! Can't wait for December so we can see the movie! :)

Anyway, I had to get over my excitement because we weren't there for The Hobbit. We were there for Thor!

Then I was a good girl and put my phone away and enjoyed the movie! We both really enjoyed it! If you haven't seen it yet but were planning to, we suggest you stay until right at the end of the credits. When we were there, there were only about 30 of us in the cinema and we were the only people who stayed until right to the end. Fools. Have they not learnt yet that this happens in Marvel films?!


Anyway, from the cinema, we popped into Las Iguanas for a cocktail or two. It's happy hour, so it would be rude not to. To start with, we had a Dark and Stormy each, which is very nice. They no longer do my favourite Cherry Fizz, which makes me so sad. We decided to try a new cocktail, called a Pisco Sour...

Never ever be tempted to have one of these at Las Iguanas. They were DISGUSTING. Even Paul didn't like it and that's saying something! He's normally a lot braver than me when it comes to these things. YUCK.

We didn't want to end the evening on that note, so we headed over to Browns for another cocktail. This was far more up my street - I can't remember exactly what it was called but there was raspberry, chambourd and fizz in it. Definitely one for me!

 There was even a fresh raspberry in it which had got very boozy by the end of the drink. AWESOME!

Paul's 'Not Impressed By Pisco Sours' look. Also - beard.


We were still full, bearing in mind that this was at least 6 hours after we had eaten! We headed home and chilled out in front of the tv for a while. Paul was tired so went to bed. I stayed up and watched some of 'Children In Need' and did my bit and donated. Because it goes to a good place.

I toddled up to bed probably far later than I should have. I was also probably far more drunk than I meant to be. It's going to hurt tomorrow.


Still - it was worth it. We had a good day! :)

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