Friday, 20 December 2013

16/12/2013 - Back to the busy.

It was back to earth with a bump this morning. I guess that's the joy of having a weekend of doing stuff! Two days off work really isn't long enough sometimes, is it?!

I headed into the office to be confronted by loads of work to do, which is never a good thing! A is finishing tomorrow for Christmas (two weeks off...lucky so and so) so he's working extra hard which means T and I have so much stuff piling up around us. It's a good job we're not claustrophobic otherwise we'd be struggling with the piles of files which are surrounding us.

THEN to top it all off, big boss T wants a massive document printing off in colour! We don't have the facility to do that here, so I asked my pal J (hi J - just call him the man from Milk Tray!) if he could do it there. He couldn't.

Which meant that I had to colour it in. Yay.

Lucky for me I have a family of highlighter pens that can assist. Although I needed an orange one. I don't have an orange one.

After work I headed home and once Paul came in we went to the shops and then over to our lovely wedding photographer, Lesley, for a visit! We got to see her lovely dogs, Bill and Bob for a play as well!

After we had a brew and a catch up with Lesley, we headed back to the house for some dinner, and caught up with some TV and I sorted a few more bits and bobs for Christmas. So behind!

I then spotted that Lesley had posted some of our wedding pictures on Facebook! As they are watermarked, I thought I'd share them with you guys too! :)

All the following pictures are copyright Lesley Wood Photography.

(I think I was choking on confetti at this point...) 

This one is one of my absolute favourites of all time! 

Aren't they fab?! I love them so much! Really bring the day back for me!

It was quite a late night with faffing around sorting Christmassy stuff. Not good when you're shattered!

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