Tuesday, 3 December 2013

18/11/2013 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAUL! :)

It's my wonderful and lovely husband's birthday today! Happy birthday Paul! :)

Sadly we both had to work today which sucked. At least I was able to give him his various cards and presents before he went to work so he had something to make him smile.

The day seemed to take forever to get through. I think that's probably because I knew I had to cook tonight. Also colleague J called in sick, and apparently he was off the two days last week I was off as well. Ooh err.

Still, I made it through and Paul was waiting outside the office for me to drive me all of the 10 minute walk home!

He was hungry so I set to cooking pretty soon. It's no culinary masterpiece. I was making an 'Assiette du Campagnarde". Which does appear on google. Good to know SINCE I ALREADY DID IT. Silly girl.

Here's the main bit of it!

It basically consists of a baked Camembert with various cold meats, potatoes, breads etc to dip in it. Posh fondue, as I was referring to it!

I was proud of myself for doing it! Although I think our house was too cold so it started solidifying pretty quick, but it was fun food. Who can beat fun food! You all know I like to play with my food!

After that, we watched some tv, and I decided that Paul needed a birthday cake. After all the mini cakes I had bought for yesterday, I hadn't got him an actual birthday cake. No problem - I'll improvise.

Fruit scone and a candle?! PERFECT! Plus it meant we got to have scones for pudding!

Yes, Paul blew out the candle and made a wish...

 Thank you, Google plus for making this for me!

After scones and a birthday gin and tonic, we watched some more tv then went to bed.

Not the most eventful birthday celebration but we're both still a little poor and we have to work tomorrow. Plus we had Friday, which was fun!

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