Tuesday, 24 December 2013

20/12/2013 - It's not Christmas until Noddy yells...

Whilst listening to the radio on my walk to work this morning I came to the conclusion as to why I do not feel at all Christmassy.

I haven't heard Slade - 'Merry Christmas, Everybody' yet this year. Christmas doesn't start until Noddy Holder has yelled "IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!"

So in an effort to feel more festive, I tuned my laptop into Christmas FM (yes, apparently that's a thing!) and prepared for the sudden punch in the face of Christmas music!

It was subtle, but still no Slade.

We worked hard today to get a lot of stuff done so we could have a more calm week next week. I don't think either of us have worked that hard in a long time, determined to have a lighter week!

Today being the last Friday we're both in this month (any excuse) and it being dress down day, therefore universally recognised as a day of celebration, it was time for us to enjoy Prosecco Friday!

It went down a treat! :)

It also made me agree to go to the pub with T after work! So I got in the train with her and headed over to the pub near her house, where we met up with her husband G and daughter N.

I hadn't met N before but the more I spoke to her, the more she sounds like a mini-me!

Here's a lovely pic of N, me and T with their identities concealed because they're actually real-life superheroes. True story.

Paul got back from Kent and came over to join us. Which meant that we stayed there longer than T, G & N  probably would normally stay on a Friday! Especially as N isn't old enough to stay in the pub later than 9pm anyway!

We got our train and headed back to Liverpool. Whilst on the train I started to feel REALLY queasy. Not good at all. I had to go be sick just before we got to our stop.

I pretty much ran all the way home as I felt so naff and went straight to bed where I fell asleep fully dressed and even still wearing my boots.

I didn't think I was that drunk, but the details beg to differ...

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