Friday, 27 December 2013

22/12/2013 - Craftin'

Woke up and felt a little better this morning. Which is good. We had a hot date with Liverpool City Centre to finalise a few bits and bobs for something that's happening in a few days time...can't think what that might be...the name doesn't spring to mind...

Paul and I went in different directions so he could do his odds and ends and I went to do mine. I got a present for my friend Lucy, then wandered around for a little while.

I decided I needed something to help sort all my crafting stuff out while I'm doing my thank you cards at least. I may keep making cards but I don't know yet. See how I feel in the new year.

I was in John Lewis, which has a craft/sewing department. And I found the current best thing!

All my little assorted decorative and blingy bits are all organised! I love it!

After we got back, I did the above sorting out and then got into doing some more of the thank you cards that I wanted to make. This box made everything so much easier!

We had spicy lamb meatballs for dinner and watched Love Actually on Netflix. It's tradition. Then I had to wrap some Christmas presents, for that thing in a few days which we aren't talking about!

It turns out that the next time I looked at the clock it was 11pm. We have to work tomorrow. Oops.

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