Sunday, 8 December 2013

23/11/2013 - Cool as Cats!

I think the chill has got to me. I feel lousy today. I know that the beer probably didn't help, but I felt like a cold was setting in. Not good.

So I needed to laze around a little this morning. And feel sorry for myself. But how could you feel sorry for yourself when your boys are having a snuggle?!

Barney's such a classy boy! Letting it all hang out! But he lay like that for AGES! So cute! Yes, Connie, I did kiss the belly. Many many times. :)

My Mum and Dad came to visit with us for a while at lunch time, and Dad had a look at my boiler. Or at least he would have could we get the casing off it. The people who had my house last decided to build a cupboard around the boiler and not just with nails and screws but with No More Nails. They glued the bad boy to the wall as well as screwing it in. Great. It's virtually indestructible. And my Dad didn't fancy trying to destroy it. Ho hum.

So instead he took us to the pub! Not hte one that he wanted to go to, so we went to one that we haven't been to before. There was a massive open fire. I didn't want to leave!

A family that drinks together, stays together. Or something like that.

Once we got back Mum revealed that they hadn't come straight to us but via Lucy's house! They had picked up the cardboard cut out that she had made of me for my hen do and also she had given me her dried out bouquet from my wedding to see if I wanted it!

I had dried mine so thought I'd compare them.

Mine is on the right and Lucy's on the left. I think they've dried quite well, don't you? As a reminder, here are what they looked like on the day!

Picture courtesy of Mummy Hartley!

I gave my parents the cardboard cut out (because why would I want that?!) and kept the bouquet but I may well give it back to Lucy, if she wants to keep it.

After Mum and Dad left, I settled in front of the tv for the night's entertainment. First off it was Strictly, and then after no time at all it was the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode!

Neither of us are really into Doctor Who at all. We just haven't watched it. We felt we should watch this one as everyone would be talking about it. I think it was quite good! If us as Noobs could enjoy it even though we didn't get the in-jokes, surely that makes it a success, right?

Sylvester McCoy was my Doctor. Now he's Radagast the Brown. I like this. :)

I also got a snuggle!

Maia, having seen Barney doing it decided that it was what all the cool kids where doing!

I still wasn't feeling amazing, so I went to bed hoping that a good night's sleep would help.


  1. Hey, stop reading my mind!! :)

    (although just who's belly did you kiss??)

  2. All of them, Connie. :) All the bellies! :)