Monday, 9 December 2013

24/11/2013 - Something wicked hides within!

I feel a little better today, but still not amazing. Stupid cold house.

We were able to relax a little while this morning as well which is nice. And needed as Barney likes stomping a LOT at the moment. I am his personal treadmill I think. Grr.

We had yet more visitors today! Paul's parents were coming to visit today and my boiler and surround would take no prisoner! Paul's Dad went at it with a crowbar!

There was plaster everywhere. Which is a niggle. Plus the paint was all chipped, which, if you remember, I injured myself repainting earlier this year. But we were able to get the cover off the boiler and have a look at what the problem might be inside.


"Oooooh" he said, "it's a tad nippy in here, in't it?"

You had better believe I put googly eyes on there. But Paul's Dad took them down. Party pooper.

The pump, which was the popular choice for the culprit of the breakage, was working fine. We think it's the boiler's internal thermostat.

So we sent the father in law away with a copy of the boiler manual and some homework as to how to fix it.

He didn't repair the plaster damage. Hmm.

But I did replace the googly eyes.

Now the cyberman can watch us in the shower. Hmmm. Not my cleverest of ideas!

After Paul's parents' left, we were able to relax a little more. Well, I could. Paul had dinner to make. It's great having a live-in chef!

Nothing much else happened of note. We watched Strictly, X Factor results and went to bed.

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  1. you have to move.. move now.. run.. run you clever girl and remember..