Monday, 9 December 2013

25/11/2013 - MY 500th POST!

Wow. I can't believe I've written this many! Although, admittedly it should have been failure last year let me down. But I'm nearly there now! The end is in sight!

I don't know what I'm going to do about blogging! I don't think I have enough interesting things to talk about every day! I'm struggling as it is!

Non-photographic celebration of my half-century of blogging - Paul shaved off his beard! His face is as smooth as a baby's bum!

I, however, feel nasty! Not good at all. I dislike lurgy. I hope that it's just a little cold, not the full blown whopper that most people get this time of year.

It took Paul 40 minutes to shower and shave this morning. Making me late for work. I didn't get into the shower until 7:45am!

So I made Paul give me a lift to work as recompense! Except we were delayed further.

See the temperature on the dashboard? 1 degree celcius! Also see the time on the dashboard! I showered, dress and prettied for work in 35 minutes! Is that a female record or what?!

Oh yeah, and the frosted windscreen. There's that too!

Paul ran in to get some water to clear it quicker than the heater was doing. He used cold. He's not a dummy! I was taking pictures of the pretty ice when I captured this!

 The water defrosting! I think it's pretty cool!

*Since posting this, google+ decided that the above picture needs falling snow over it. Erm. Nope?!*

It wasn't worth rushing to work. Trust me.

The best thing was being able to help out an old friend from Uni with a Julie Walters' quote from her book. We love Julie! I met her at a book signing a few years ago.

Check out blond-haired floozy me! She didn't pose for pictures. Sadly. But I did get and read her book, which was great!

We watched tv for the rest of the evening and then went to bed.

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  1. Blog because you enjoy it, you'll find the point to it later :)