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25/12/2013 - Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Yes, I know I already did the Christmas post so I can be done with all the formalities!

I was stomped upon quite a lot during the night. Those darn kitties! Barney still needs his silly o'clock cuddle even in his favourite house. Sigh.

My in-laws house is one of the loudest houses ever. The TV has to be on full volume and the heating is on high. Gave me a bit of a headache, which sucked, but I was a trooper and carried on regardless!

We got up and did presents. I got Paul some books that the TV series 'Justified' is based on, and some post tall glasses for swirling our G&Ts in!

He got me a new coat:

Which was very much appreciated as my old black coat is VERY tatty indeed, and my red one need a new button. And I can't find a button to match anywhere. It's a pain!

He also got me a crochet kit thing!

My friend Mia at Three Violet Buttons would be impressed. However the downside is that it doesn't actually show you how to crochet! So I'm going to have to learn before giving this kit a go!

Paul's parents gave us some money so we could get what we wanted, and they got Paul some cufflinks, and me a little purse. Not just any old purse but one that has a built in battery so you can charge your phone on the go!

So long as the internal battery is fully charged, it can charge your phone to 100% a good two times! Clever, huh!

Paul popped back to Liverpool to go and get our clothes, and I called my parents to wish them a Merry Christmas. They'd just popped the champagne and were waiting for my sister-in-law to go and collect them!

Barney was just chillin' on top of the wardrobes, as ever!

 It's hard being a Barney!

Once Paul got back it was time for breakfast...even though it was more like brunch by that time!

We too cracked open the fizz!

We put some juice in too, so it's healthy fizz. Honest. :)

After lunch and washing up, we had some downtime before it was time for the big cook! I helped Paul's dad set up his new blu-ray player which we bought him, and he watched The Dark Knight Rises.

I needed to get out of the living room as the volume really wasn't helping my head get any better. I took some tablets and hoped they would kick in prontissimo!

Paul had a nap. It's usually after dinner that the sleeps kick in but not today!

Do you like his Christmas jumper?! I do! It's nice and snuggly warm!

He napped for a little while and I got on with writing our thank you cards for the family tomorrow. May as well make the most of seeing them all!

Paul woke up and went to do some preparations for dinner! WHOOP! I helped! I peeled potatoes! It's a very important job and I took my role very seriously!

Pigs in Blankets all ready to go in the oven!

Sweet potatoes peeled (by me) and sliced!

Turkey awaiting preparation!

Paul violated the turkey, as someone had to do, only to find that there were no giblets inside! So a pointless violation!

That picture makes me laugh! That's probably the same face I would pull with a hand up a turkey's backside!

I carried on writing the cards. Turns out I'm pretty naff at writing these days! It's actually quite hard work to do that much writing! How I used to be able to write for hours during exams I will never know!

The kitties came to keep me company!

 My gorgeous babies! They love this house!

Maia was being extra affectionate and would not leave me alone. Which makes writing etc quite difficult!

 Sure, Moo, make yourself comfortable!

I got up to get another drink and came back to this:

Yep. Stole Mummy's chair! She was purring her little heart out so naturally you can't remove her! That's just animal cruelty!

Luckily for me a very important moment was about to happen so I didn't need my chair!

The bird was going in!

 WHOOP! It's exciting! It also meant that the smell of cooking chicken lead the cats to not want their tuna dinner! Very funny!

Basting the turkey with butter and maple syrup. Thanks Nigella! She may have had some bad press recently but hot diggity damn her recipes are tasty!

Nothing prettier than skinned sausages for the stuffing! At least they're tasty!

We sat around for a while and watched some Disney films on the tv. I think we saw the end of Toy Story 3, and then Finding Nemo. It's what Christmas is for!

It was also time for Christmas Strictly to come on! YAY! It was very enjoyable! I did sit and do some blogging because I could, and before we knew it, it was time for our starter!

 Sweet potato and gruyere stack with garlic mushrooms. All made by my beloved, and very nice too!

There was about a half an hour wait between courses and then came the main meal! Christmas dinner! Complete with salivating cats!

Looks delicious, no? Pre-gravy yumminess!


Notice something missing (not that there is room on the plate!)?

Yep - we forgot the greens. The broccoli, asparagus and green beans sat in the steamer all forlorn! We were pretty stuffed though! So we'll just have to make some soup or something with the leftover veg. What a shame!

After dinner we watched Doctor Who, and then I vacated to watch Downton Abbey in the other room. I didn't realise it was on for two hours. I was a bit of a loner as no-one else watches it!

I heard from my Mum who said that they were home and Dad had gone to bed. He'd been asleep most of the afternoon and didn't stop!

Once Downton had finished I gave my Mum another call to keep her company while Dad slept. But it was getting late and pretty much time to go to bed ourselves!

A lovely Christmas day!

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