Tuesday, 10 December 2013

26/11/2013 - Hairballs suck.

Barney is REALLY suffering with hairballs at the moment. He woke me up at least 3 times in the night doing his Gollum impression. This makes me sad and worried.

He's done well for so long but his fur is getting thick again with winter coming and he grooms. A lot. I think he may be the loudest 'licker' in the world!

So whilst being sleepy all day at work, we were trying to think of ideas to help him with his hairball problem.

We went to Pets At Home after work to look to see what they had in stock to help with this issue. Not a lot, being the answer. I bought some paste, which is supposed to help, and also new filters for our pet water fountain. Maybe that's got dingy?

Maia modelled my purchases for me.

I also noticed that the kitty on the front of the hairball paste tube looks a little like Charlene Butterbean, no?

We've had this paste before, and the result is the same as last time. Barney does NOT like the paste. Maia LOVES it. Typical. Why does this happen?! The one who needs the treatment won't take it and the other laps it up! Buggers.

Any other ideas as to what we can do? Our grass pot is dying off due to the weather, so have planted some more but probably need some already grown turf for him to eat if that is his will. Someone must have a suggestion! I need to sleep! I can't cope with the attention-stomping and the Gollum coughing!

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