Tuesday, 10 December 2013

27/11/2013 - Something's a little...different...around here...

YAY! Another day off!

We planned a nice long lie in where Paul could get a few bits of work done and I...I could catch up on my sleep.

Sadly (ish) we were hindered in that desire. My in-laws were coming back over again today to try to fix my boiler.

You know what? THEY DID! My father in law figured out that it was the internal thermostat, ordered a new one, popped it in and BOOM! WE HAVE HEAT!

OH YEAH! That's one happy kitty!

Paul's parents didn't hang around long. They had bunkbeds to build in Blackpool. I like that alliteration!

We were then able to have some more lazy time, which was good! Paul got his work done and I got to snooze a little more! Yes, I'm lazy, but THAT'S WHAT DAYS OFF ARE FOR!

Besides, if it's good enough for my kitties, it's good enough for me!

Barney would rather stay in the box, thank you very much!

Soon enough it was time to welcome more guests and start #Whedonsday!

We had an ep of SHIELD and some eps of Buffy to watch. It was good! What made it even more good? Cream cakes.

 This is a fraction of what we ate. It was awesome. Naughty. But awesome. We'll work it off in January. No hope in doing it right now with our crazy schedules!

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