Monday, 30 December 2013

27/12/2013 - Extra Day Off!

Much needed lie in this morning. Barney was stomping a LOT and I think he tried to break my shoulder at one point! Little beep!

Paul got up first to watch some of yesterday's football again. I lingered in bed. Because I could! Joys of taking today off work. It doesn't make sense to me that today wasn't just cancelled for our work as it was for so many others. Paul's office decided to close. Why couldn't ours?

Luckily, T was able to go in to work, as she's off on holiday from tomorrow, so I could be lazy for another day!

I got up and tried to catch up with Christmas blogging. Guys, the last two posts have taken me AGES to write! I don't know why! Just so much to say I guess! Typical that there are posts with so few words with them and now I'm getting to the final straight of my self-set challenge, I have loads to talk about!

We had breakfast, and then Paul remembered he had some mail to drop off, so I went with him to get some fresh air. Talk about fresh - it's bloomin' windy outside! To the extent that we decided not to go home today, but wait until tomorrow when the weather is supposedly a little less apocalyptic!

This made Barney very happy indeed!

It's hard being a Barney. He does so love this house! We've had him running around like a maniac!

Once the decision was made to stay at Paul's parents' for another day, we relocated for the afternoon. I carried on working but decided that laying on the night firm brick-like mattress was the best place to type!

Maia, inevitably, decided that Mummy being comfortable means that she will be comfortable, so of all the amazingly cozy places she could curl up, she chose my legs!

Happy puss!

Paul made us a light lunch from leftovers: posh cheese on toast, using up the remains of the posh bread and some of the cheeseboard. Of course, I spilt ketchup on myself, because I'm a classy bird.

I decided that I would give Paul's Mum a copy of our wedding video, as recorded by my brother, but as the folder was 3.5gb (!) it wouldn't fit on her memory stick which held our wedding pictures. Typical! So I had to copy the files a few at a time over onto her pc. It took literally an hour. And after all that stress, we decided to head to the local pub (where Paul worked as a younger man) for a couple of drinks.

My half pint was not going down well. Paul had polished off a whole pint before I had got even half way through. I had been feeling queasy all afternoon and that wasn't helping.

We decided to switch to gin and tonic because tonic water sounds like medicine. It worked! I didn't feel sick any more! It's a miracle!

We reviewed the year while we were in the pub and set ourselves little goals for next. Not resolutions as such, but things that we wish to achieve. That's important.

We got back to uber cuteness from Maia.

 That's a happy girl! I got better ones on Paul's Mum's camera, but I didn't take a copy! I think she was trying to guilt me into not making her go home tomorrow! Soz, kitty! That's not the way it works!

Barney, not content with all the attention Maia was getting decided to try to 'cute up' himself.

Not quite, Beep, but the joy of that chair is that it makes Barney look all cute and small! Not like the giant beast he is in real life!

Maia wins this round!

Time to christen Paul's Christmas present from me with a nice gin and tonic before dinner.

The glasses were nice but they do feel very fragile! We'll not use them as every day glasses but they are nice!

Paul made all of us steak for dinner. As that house is the loudest house in the world, I hid in the dining room and picked one of the few channels that is on the tv in there to watch. It was a G0rd0n Ram$ay cooking show where he was cooking with his family. That'll do. We even left it on over dinner!

One by one people left me to my own devices, and I watched the beginning of Shawshank Redemption. Yes, we only watched it the other day, but we missed the beginning! So I watched up to where we saw the other night, then joined Paul's Mum to watch some of Bridget Jones's Diary, before heading to bed.

But I couldn't go to bed because there was a Paul sprawled across the whole mattress leaving no room for me.

Floor it is then! It's a good job it's good for my back!

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