Wednesday, 11 December 2013

28/11/2013 - Bargains

Another big sigh at going back to work after a day off. But waking up to a warm house was awesome!

The problem for being short staffed (which we are for the foreseeable future) is that the errands always fall on the person who knows the most. In my experience. Which means me, in this instance. I had to take the post on a 3 mile round trip, and as I don't drive, I had to walk it.

Thank goodness it wasn't raining.

Luckily for me, I pass a Tesco, and so I popped in to get some lunch. And picked up a couple of bargains while I was in there as a present!

This year is the year of the Christmas Jumper!

So for Paul:

It's not the most tacky jumper in the world, but still hints at Christmas, right?

For me:

I got deer too! It's a little bit cute, no?

It was between this one and one with two robins on it, whistling a heart at each other. Robins have a significance to me, but that jumper just wasn't it. Plus, Paul and I will kinda match, which adds to the tackiness of a Christmas jumper!

Relatives, look forward to seeing these at Christmas!

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