Monday, 30 December 2013

28/12/2013 - I'm the worst Mummy in the world.

I was so sick during the night. Yes, again.

I don't think it was the wine or the gin or the beer, as I didn't have that much. There was something that wasn't working out for me all day and the gin suppressed it for a while, but it came back with a vengeance at around 2am.

So I came back to the bedroom after about half an hour feeling as though I might be able to get some more sleep and noticed that there was FINALLY some room for me on the mattress! SCORE! So I clambered in and settled down to go to sleep. Paul decided (in his sleep) that he wanted a cuddle and slammed his arm onto my stomach. WONDERFUL.

I managed to shake myself free and got some more sleep until just after 5 when Barney decided that he wanted to play in a plastic bag that I had missed when preparing myself for sleep. Damn cat. I moved it and he decided to stomp (yes, on my stomach) and then come for a cuddle too. Maia came and sat on my legs and I finally felt ok.

I got back to sleep and woke up just after 9, parched. So I got up to make a brew and had a chat with Paul's Mum for a while before Paul got up.

The cats sat with me and watched the birds, then a little friend came for a visit.

 I know you can't really see very well but there's a little robin next to the bird feeder pole!

I love robins and if you believe in reincarnation, then my maternal grandmother would absolutely have come back as a robin! So it's always nice to see them over the festive period to remind us that she is still with us somehow.

The cats were chattering away at it, so I told then unless they were being nice and friendly to leave the birdy alone!

While Paul cooked breakfast (and I hid in the bedroom as I really didn't fancy breakfast and Paul's Dad was being...odd...) I packed up our bits and bobs while trying to be stealthy so as not to alert Maia. If she got even so much as a hint as to what I was up to, she would be under the Christmas tree and not coming out for love nor money!

We managed to do it! Luckily for us, the sun was shining outside so instead of huddling under the Christmas tree next to the radiator, she was sunning herself in the window! I picked her up and gave her a cuddle. She purred loud. Until she saw Paul appear with her box and she tried to get away! AW! I feel so bad taking her from her favourite place.

We had to pull Barney down from on top of the wardrobes (no easy feat!), pack up the car and get on our merry way. Maia was NOT. HAPPY. And she vocalised this on plenty more than one occasion on the 45 minute drive home!

We got in and started unpacking. I had the crazy notion of tidying the living room. My enthusiasm did not last long and I begrudgingly finished the job. I do like it when it's clean and tidy but it's a pain in the backside to do! Especially when your little helpers decide to knock things onto the floor when you've moved them out the way to sort later on. Urgh.

I gave up and decided to watch tv for a bit. There really was nothing on, and now all the reality tv (Strictly and X Factor) have finished, there really is just drudge on to fill the gap. We put on a fan-made documentary about Firefly/Serenity (which was interesting, and also made us feel like we weren't the biggest nerds in the world, which is nice! No offence to any of them though. Fair play for your passion and you're welcome to join with #Whedonsday any time you like!) and then were still stuck for something to watch for the rest of the evening.

We decided on Tucker & Dale vs Evil. We didn't really know what to expect. It was fun!

Very predictable, but fun!

Then, stuck for ways to fill time before Match of the Day for Paul, we watched some Russell Brand stand up from 2009. It was quite funny actually! I am surprised by how much I enjoyed it! I don't mind Russell Brand at all, but that did amuse me! Especially when reading out some of the offensive emails he had received!

Then it was time for Match of the Day. I managed for a while but then felt it was time to retire to bed after a cup of peppermint tea.

We made the bed and I got into OUR comfy bed with my amazing pillow and a purring Maia. Happy place.

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