Thursday, 12 December 2013

30/11/2013 - Hmph

Why does my cold only hit me of a weekend? I have felt...ok...during the week but first thing on a Saturday my sinuses go mental?! This is unfair. Medication is what we need!

This helped.

We didn't do a lot today as I was feeling pretty naff.

I did (apparently) force Paul to buy the new SimCity game. Which lead him to spend the rest of the day building a city.

 I think I still prefer the first and original SimCity. Or at least it would be better if I could populate his city with my sims! But he was having fun and that's the main thing!

I watched Strictly and X Factor, and didn't really do much else. We listen to some music channels then I went to bed. Paul wasn't far behind me, to be fair.

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