Tuesday, 14 January 2014

11th January 2014 - Amateur

Barney was a naughty little sausage over night and I didn't get the best sleep. He insisted on jumping on me in places that were aching from the gym. So I managed to have a bit of a lie in this morning to make up for the loss of sleep!

I was then greeted with the news that my MoH Lucy is pregnant again! WHOOP! Baby number 2 and brother/sister to A is due in July! This is the 5th baby of our friends and family this year. I think everyone but me is pregnant. And I'm happy for it to stay that way for now, thanks!

Anyway, while I was chilling in bed and processing the news, I decided to try to start crocheting with the stuff that Mia sent me yesterday.

I found a tutorial video on YouTube and followed it's instructions.

I made a chain!

It's a little bit tight though, so the next bit was bloomin' difficult!

This is as far as it got before it got too difficult to do what it said. I tried...but gave up. It was too hard. Waaa.

That beautiful creature decided to make it really difficult for me as well. Her favourite colour is red so I should have known she would be attracted to this yarn!

I went down and had some breakfast and came back upstairs to this:

They are sitting rather close to each other!

 She doesn't look very impressed at his close proximity to her! We loved it though. Sadly it meant that I couldn't go back to bed though. So I had to get up and everything. Can't disturb the kitties!

I did some tidying up while Paul got ready and went to the football. I was also waiting for some people to come and collect my giant box of wedding magazines that I had offered on freecycle.

They arrived just after 2pm and were lovely! It was nice to see some people enthusiastic about wedding planning and so I am really pleased to give them my magazines! I hope they help them and don't take up too much room in their house!

They also brought their little pug puppy, Lola, with them! Barney has never met a dog before and was fascinated watching this dog!

After they left, I went back upstairs to psych myself up for an afternoon of ironing. It took longer than I thought it would to prepare myself. I got distracted by trying again to crochet (and still failing), watching Veronica Mars and snoring Maias!

But get going I did, and I did a little ironing, watched more Veronica Mars and generally went through the motions of the afternoon.

I did get some Barney belly to cheer me up though.

You better believe that I kissed the heck out of those belly dots!

I ironed until nearly 9pm when Paul got back from the football, and we sat, had a bite to eat, watched a little tv and relaxed for a while.

10 days off the booze. Well done us!




  1. I think maybe she was hoping you were making a cat toy. Looks like you were..

  2. I wish I was that talented. Although technically they have ended up with the discarded tester bits so I guess I have made cat toys! SUCCESS! :)