Wednesday, 15 January 2014

12th January 2014 - Shopping!

Another bad night. Barney was a stomping machine! He was also being naughty and taunting Maia on a frequent basis making her growly and hissy. She doesn't like her beauty sleep being disturbed (not that she needs it) just like her Mummy (who really does need it)!

I loitered in bed for as long as I could until Paul brought me a brew and asked if I still wanted to go into town today. I said 'no' as I REALLY didn't. He then said "are we going into town today?" which pretty much meant that we were. So I got up.

We both have vouchers from Christmas to spend, and I needed a new coat, as the one I got for Christmas was a size too big. Paul went to two shops to try to exchange it and they didn't have my size in! So refund it was and so I have to pick one now! I have to make decisions! On a Sunday!

I also wanted a new handbag for work, and had vouchers to spend, so it's not all bad news!

First stop was our favourite cafe for breakfast, so Paul didn't get hangry, then off to the shops. Town was quiet, which is rare, so we managed to get a lot done.

Paul got a couple of new pairs of trousers, we got a new cushion insert for the fabulous cover I got (finally) and some new bathroom scales as our digital ones are ridiculously unreliable. Seriously, you can lose 8lbs in 30 seconds but then gain 10lbs 30 seconds after that! We've gone manual and it's made me realise just how unreliable the old scales were. Unless I've put on half a stone in the last 12 days!

Anyway, we eventually found a coat and bag that I liked and thanks to a button hanging off and a blue cross sale, we got discounts on both! SCORE! Paul got some aftershave as well and we considered our trip a success! Took a lot longer than we had hoped, AND we had to go to the supermarket as well. Where people were being absolutely insane. Not amused.

Still, never mind. Here are my wares:

My lovely Fiorelli handbag! Holds a LOT in it, which makes it extra ace!

My new coat. Which isn't dis-similar to the one we returned! Just a bit longer and shinier with a different collar! Me likes!

We got back and decided to watch a film, so chose Star Trek: Into Darkness.

It was ok. Lots of similarities to movies with the original cast in it, which I noticed because of my brother watching the movies a LOT when I was a kid. Gee, thanks.

We then decided to watch Iron Man 2!

Again, good easy Sunday evening entertainment. Paul then made Fake Nand0s for dinner and we relaxed a little. I got on with some more crochet (I think I'm getting better but my squares are a little triangular. I don't think I'm dropping stitches, I just think the stitches are getting tighter!) and we watched some of an Al Murray stand up set.

Then to bed. Hopefully Barney will be a good boy tonight...



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