Thursday, 16 January 2014

13th January 2014 - Ouchies

Another night of Barney's reign of terror. For Maia. He sure loves to stomp! She gets growly and's not pretty.

I know I woke up super early after having weird dreams about going into hiding at the pub I used to work at in protest to something, but that's about all I remember!

Still got up and went to the gym, even though my natural instinct was the roll over and go back to sleep.

I got to work late-ish, and realised I had a headache. Quite a nasty one. So I had some fruit and some painkillers to take it away. Didn't work. I had to turn most of the lights off and try to concentrate.

I had a fairly productive day, which is impressive when you consider that all I wanted to do was to curl up in a ball on the floor!

Paul picked me up after work, as he had the day off to do coursework and ended up doing work work as some people didn't realise that his out of office being on meant HE WAS OUT OF OFFICE, and we went to get a few bits (and bobs) before heading home.

Paul got on with making dinner while I pottered around a little and played with the kitties. I then got back on with my crochet, we had dinner and watched Hawaii 5-0 and Person of Interest.

Speaking of the crochet, I'm just practicing at the minute. Paul got me some different wool to try out to see if it helped. 

Um. It's helped me realise how bad I am at it! 

I started this one a little too loose, I think.

I started again and I think I'm doing better!

It's not so...triangular now! Will keep going to see if I can actually make a square that looks like a square, not a triangle!

We went to bed quite early as Paul was in a grump and I wanted my headache to go away. Fingers crossed.



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