Friday, 17 January 2014

14th January 2014 - Everybody wants to be a cat...

Another weird night's dreams and bad night's sleep. Could really do without it!

Instead of rolling over and going back to sleep, I got up to get ready for the gym and to the gym we went! It was busy!

Came home and managed to drag myself through the motions of getting ready for work. Mostly because I lost Maia. Took me ages to find her...

Yep - she's in hiding!

She's so stealthy! It's a very warm spot on the window ledge there, above the radiator. We don't need that blue sausage thing any more - it was from when we had single glazing, to keep the condensation down. Now it's used mostly by Maia to stop her paws burning on the radiator!

It was a long day in work today! It was made good by an email conversation I had with a friend of mine, whom I shall call...Bob...who is having his name disguised as he revealed to me that his pregnant fiancée is having a little boy! They're only telling people the gender who want to know, and aren't broadcasting it, hence the secrecy! A LITTLE BABY BOY! WHOOP! One of the many babies actually has a gender! I'm sure they all do, but this one we know! :D So happy for them!

The end of the day could not come soon enough. And it was raining when I left work. And I didn't have a brolly. Not happy.

I got in, fed the kittens, then decided to do some ironing while watching Veronica Mars. I got through one ep and a few items when I decided I couldn't be bothered any more! Paul had come home and made dinner so I ate that, and we watched 2 eps of How I Met Your Mother and the latest Castle.

I wanted an early night. This was not to be. Because tonight the cats decided that they had to be cute. All. The. Time!

Who can resist these paws?! Adorable! I told him that. He knew already.

Maia did not approve of my worship of Barney. Her and her alone!

My gorgeous girl. This face makes me so happy!

I started getting ready for bed, went to clean my teeth, came back and found this.

Barney was rolling around all over Paul's wallet like it was the greatest game EVER!

I gave them their treats and tried to have a game of fetch with Barney but he was far too interested in seeing what Paul was up to downstairs. So I went to sleep!

I vaguely remember Paul coming to bed. I was out like a light!



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