Saturday, 18 January 2014

15th January 2014 - Another day another dollar


Decided to go to work a little later than usual. Still on time...early, even (8:42am!) but my time in the office is dragging at the moment, so why be there any longer than I need to?

Oh my goodness it was a long day. Seriously looooooong time!

After work I came home and did some domestic chores, waiting for Paul to get back. From there, we went over to Hobbycraft in Warrington to pick up an order I had made for some bits and bobs (!!) to amuse myself craft-wise.

Except that between calling me to tell me my order was in and me actually getting there to collect it, they lost it.

As you can imagine, Caroline was not best pleased.

We were there for a good half hour, if not more. In the end one of the chaps decided that instead of making us wait, we could just get the items from the shelves. Sound. Except they didn't have some of the items I ordered. They replaced one with something else, and refunded me another. Great. I got another couple of things and we headed back home.

What narks me is that there's a parcel with my personal contact details knocking around a warehouse somewhere and NOT IN MY HANDS WHERE IT SHOULD BE. Hmph.

Still, I gots some loot.

I might suck at card making, but I'm going to give it a little go! I made wedding invitations and place cards (with Paul's help, of course) so how hard can it be? HAHAHAHAHAHA! It's a new skill. Could be good. Hope I'm better at it than crochet!

We had a late-ish dinner and watched the first episode of season 4 of Justified, which Netflix decided to give us! WHOOP!

From there, I decided I wanted an early night. Didn't get one. Had a frolicking Barnacle to entertain! It's a good job he's cute!

We trimmed his claws (much to his disgust) and then it was time to try to get to sleep! Which we did!



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