Sunday, 19 January 2014

16th January 2014 - Grump

Another early morning but no gym today! Paul had an early morning meeting to get to and me...well, another bad night of sleep and feeling a little bit poorly didn't fill me with inspiration to hit the treadmill. Barney was very needy all night. He took up most of the bed at one stage I think. I was too tired to shift him!

Anyway, today I just feel like this:

Taken from Facebook. Not my image.
Hopefully it's only today that I feel this!

I got to work and got on with what I had to do. Which was nothing interesting. Excel spreadsheets and the like. All yawn-worthy. Literally in the last half hour things went belly up when I got a series of snarky emails from Line Manager A telling me off for not doing something, even though I couldn't do it in the first place because we didn't have all the information, so he told me I could use someone else's information which I couldn't use as it's a conflict but as someone else has admitted the fault I can now use the other person's information and why didn't I? Because we only found out that someone else has admitted the fault TODAY and I didn't know it was the same file. I did the right thing as if I hadn't, it could have been void and big problems could ensue, but because I HADN'T READ HIS MIND AND DIDN'T KNOW ALL THE FILES INSIDE OUT I GET NARKED AT?!

Not a good end to the day. I felt crappy and narking at me does not make me feel any better or happier at work. HMPH.

I need to learn to read minds. Or get a crystal ball or something.

I was in a bit of a huff for the rest of the evening to be honest. We watched Arrow and some more Person of Interest and realised that we didn't have any dinner so were naughty and ate pasta bake. Comfort food to make me feel better.

It didn't.

I then realised I hadn't taken a picture for today so I asked Barney to pose for me.


I had a play with Barney and Maia then went to bed. Grumpety Grumpety Grump Grump. Yes - my turn today!



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