Monday, 20 January 2014

17th January 2014 - Whatever.

Another 4am wake up. Not Barney this time but snoring Maia! Then it was Barney. Then it was my mind racing. Irritating as anything.

Still made myself get up and go to the gym though. My head and heart wasn't in it, but better to go and do something than lie in bed and do nothing, right? Although the latter was far more appealing.

I entertained myself at the gym with my audiobook. Currently listening to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Second Phase, which I had read a long time ago but it's extra good (amazing English there, Cags!) in audio form. I think it was on the radio back in the day? Anyway, it's all a bit nuts but I love it!

I forced myself to get ready for work, even though I REALLY didn't want to go in today. I made no effort whatsoever. I let my hair run wild and it was quite liberating. I didn't take a picture, but interestingly enough I found a picture of a kitten which will give you the gist.

Yep - it's definitely my animal likeness! Except it's cuter than me. It looks just as annoyed as I did today!

Acutally, I think I have a picture from about 3 years ago when my hair was substantially shorter than it is now...

See the likeness? Yep - pajama wearing, make up free Cagga is unashamed! As I say, my hair is quite a bit longer now. So even bigger than in that picture. Eep!

I went to work, and decided that I couldn't say anything nice, so I said nothing at all. I think everyone could tell that I was in a bad mood so didn't really speak to me. Which worked perfectly. A was trying to be nice, so I thought I'd let him make more effort. I don't forgive easily. Probably a flaw in my personality but hey, today I just don't care!

I perked up a little bit towards the end of the day, and it was a productive, if dull day really.

I got home and did a few chores before Paul came home. Then we went to the shops to get dinner and a few other necessities.

We're still not drinking and haven't had a drop of alcohol since January 1st! Go us! I think Tesco was trying to lul us in though...

Dino Prosecco. Yeah. Paul's nickname by his school friends is Dino. We love prosecco. THIS IS JUST MEAN! So naturally I had to take a picture! Maybe we should get some for Valentine's Day (when we're going to allow ourselves to drink again!) because I think it was meant to be!

We got home and set ourselves up for a night in front of the TV. We couldn't decide what to watch. Nothing inspired either of us, so we watched a few more eps of The Good Wife, and had dinner. Hot chicken wings, coleslaw and corn on the cob. Not the best dinner but nowhere near as bad as last night.

Yup. I polished off the lot. Ignore that fat in the bottom of the bowl. It's better there than in my belly, right?

I had to keep the bones away from the kitties though. They have a tendency to take them out of the bowl and drag them round the house!

I started falling asleep on the sofa, and wanted to go to bed, but Netflix kept playing episode after episode. I eventually made it stop and took myself off to bed, leaving Paul to watch Red Dawn. Barney was being feisty and Maia didn't want to play, so I took Barney downstairs for a cuddle with his Daddy so I could get some much-needed shut-eye.




  1. OHMYCARP I want that kitten..

    (I'm sorry, was there an entire post here I just ignored because I got lost in kitten envy?)

    1. Next kitten you get that looks like that will bankrupt me in air fares to come and claim it as 'Mini-me!' :)