Tuesday, 21 January 2014

18th January 2014 - Caturday!*

*totally stolen from many of the kitty blogs I follow.

I think I had a pretty decent night of sleep. Until more respectable early hours when Maia started snoring again. Waking us all up (not that Paul remembers) and causing Barney to stomp!

We lay in bed probably longer than we should have, but it's Saturday so it's allowed!

Maia was being utterly adorable. I love it when cats do this. Plus, you know, ginger belly!

I got up and set to tidying the bedroom. This is no small task. We had a giant box of stuff. The only way it could be described as it was a box full of things that were not easily homed. That was on my to do list. Plus lifting the bed to rescue a cat toy or two.

There was a LOT of stuff to sort out so I got on with it. Didn't get it all finished though. More to do tomorrow. Sigh.

I reset the bed, as we're going to need something to sleep on later, and as anyone who owns a cat will tell you, sorting the bed clothes is THE MOST FUN EVER!

The belly revealed itself a LOT. Bless him.

We had dinner and tried to decide what to watch. We started watching 21 Jump Street...

We had to stop. We were cringing too much. We may well try to watch it again but after we've had a couple of drinks.

We couldn't pick anything else so decided on more The Good Wife. What can I say? We like it!

From there we headed to bed around midnight. Dirty stop ups!



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  1. Caturday has been around so darn long I think we all just accept it like we accept Saturday :)

    It broke my 16 yr old heart when they remade JumpStreet and made it what it was.. I still refuse to watch it.