Wednesday, 22 January 2014

19th January 2014 - More of the same

Another day and more stuff to be tidying up after yesterday! I do love a good tidy session, however it takes so darn long! Gone are the days when it could just be shoved under the bed and hidden in cupboards so your Mum would think you had tidied up!

We both had another lie in and then got up for breakfast. Afterwards Paul got on with some assignments for his exam and I set to upstairs.

I went the whole hog. Not just the stuff left over from yesterday but I cleared out 'junk' drawers which just had bit and bobs in that have no other home. I found them homes.

It was a productive day on the whole! I managed to get everything done by dinner time as well!

Grumpy Maia chose to chill with her homies while I paid her no attention as I was tidying up. Bad Mama.

Such a pretty babba.

I fancied a fairly early night as I was tired from all the work. I couldn't get to bed. AGAIN. There was a cavorting kitty sprawled on the bed!


Naturally, I went in for the kiss.

Note for the future - it's not easy to take a selfie of you kissing your feisty cats belly.


2012 - Can't believe this is two years ago!

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