Thursday, 23 January 2014

20th January 2014 - Here we go again...

It's Monday morning. Even though I didn't have a great night's sleep with really vivid dreams ( seriously - I dreamt that a group of us had to chop our finger tips off) but still got up to go to the gym.

Probably shouldn't have. My chest was quite sore and breathing was painful. It then got worse as the day went on.

I lay down for longer than I should have. I should be leaving at this time. I did leave. I just didn't want to. Look at all the space on the dressing table for the cats to saunter across at silly o'clock! That's my weekend's hard work, that!

I spent the day feeling sorry for myself. I got a headache, which became a migraine. I got through the day but it was hard work. I came home and collapsed on the sofa, taking different medication to try to get the pain to stop.

It didn't.

Paul cam home and he had bought me a present to try to help me feel better.

I do love me some chunky knitwear. It's proper cozy-warm!

I stayed vegetated on the sofa. Pretty much all evening. We watched Hawaii 5-0 and Community and then I had to call it a night and go to bed. Feeling ROUGH.




  1. They say if the cold is above your shoulders you can exercise, below you shouldn't.

    I say that if you are sick you should stay at home and keep your germs to yourself :)

    1. I shall remember this! Mind you, any excuse for me to not get up at silly o'clock is welcome! :)