Sunday, 26 January 2014

23rd January 2014 - Blah

This part of my blog appears on twitter so hi twitter followers!

Only noticed that today. So thought I'd say hello!

Anyway, we got up this morning to go to the gym like good people. I didn't have a great sleep but am feeling better so thought I'd give it a go. Nothing too high-impact - just a kinetic circuit and leg challenge. It was difficult but I feel ok.

Work was boring as ever. Was very productive, but nothing particularly interesting to tell you!

I got home and fed the cats. Nothing new or exciting there.

We settled in for a night in front of the telly, watching a Veronica Mars I queued up, the latest ep of Arrow and a couple of Person of Interest, which has got really good! For once, the bad guy wasn't who we thought was going to be the bad guy, which almost never happens!

While we were watching, this happened:

How to get your cats to live in harmony: Buy a massive cat tree on which they can both have their own pedestal! Barney doesn't like the higher one, which really surprises both of us, but Maia is quite happy up there! So it all works out well!

Oh, and you can see that the ball is still attached at this point? Yeah. After about 5 minutes of this pic being taken, it was off. Well done, babies. Well done.



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