Monday, 27 January 2014

24th January 2014 - Moneypenny

Ah, Friday - Can't come quick enough!

I need to think of something exciting to put as the first line in my blog for all the twitter folk. Maybe movie or book quotes? I'll think on that!

Anyway, we both had a rubbish night's sleep due to Stompers McBarnacle being his most attention-seeking! I wish he was this loving in the day but no. 3:30am onwards is apparently Barney-time. If we ignore him, he's even worse! If we shut him out he'd probably scratch his way through the doors! ARGH!

We both got up to go to the gym even though I know my heart wasn't in it and I'm sure Paul felt the same. I am proud of our determination!

Then it was work time. I was running late. For once. My power walking to work made me realise that my chest isn't 100% yet but at least I wasn't too late getting to the office.

I got in to lots of stuff on my desk and I wasn't best pleased as Friday is my busy report-filling day and I can't do that when I don't have a clear desk. One was not amused.

Still, I got it done and that was good. I got other stuff and nonsense done as well so even though it was a loooooong day, I guess it could have been worse. Except for getting annoyed at stupid emails from stupid people who will remain nameless who basically couldn't be bothered to look for something on the system so I had to do it instead even though I don't really know what I'm looking for so it took me longer than it would them and it turns out it was their mistake not mine....


Paul came to pick me up, which made me happy as it was raining quite heavily, and we quickly popped into the shop to get some stuff for me for dinner and for breakfast tomorrow.

We got out and the road was kinda flooded. All the way along the outside of the shops. We would have to swim to get to the car! There were loads of people trying to work out the way across to get to the car park and to get from the car park to the shop! Tesco Old Swan,. sort your drainage out! We both ended up having to get wet feet as we were in a bit of a rush!

Paul had a business dinner to go to, so we had to get him all dolled in his finery in a very short space of time.

My very own James Bond! In need of a shave and a haircut admittedly, but I still think he's a hottie! :)

While Paul was out I watched the latest Vampire Diaries (100th ep so they brought back loads of old faces for about 20 second cameos) which is my guilty pleasure, and also about 5 eps of Veronica Mars. I do like that show a lot. The theme song is very addictive!

I also got crafting! I started making a birthday card for Chris's fiancée Ceri, who's birthday it is today! Happy Birthday, Ceri! We're going to a little do for her tomorrow (staying sober...this could be interesting!) so I thought I'd try to be creative rather than buy a shop-bought card.

Some of my crafting stash!

As I type this, it's not finished yet, so Ceri, if you're reading this (and Chris, I know you are...or you best be!) if you don't get a hand-made birthday card from us it's because I suck! Okay? And if you do, please say it's ace, even if it looks like a 5 year old made it!

I put everything away at about 11 as I was nodding off and couldn't stay awake for Paul coming home.

I remember him suddenly being in the room, and I remember him trying to speak to me, but I think I was half asleep. Bad wife.


2013 - Squeeee! Didn't realise this was a year ago!

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