Tuesday, 28 January 2014

25th January 2014 - Tale as old as time

"Saturday, what a day, groovin' all week with yoooooou..." - Happy Days!

*This could be a picture-heavy post. And none of them are of me! Considering I uploaded 81 pics, eek! Not all of them will make it though. I hope!*

A nice lie in this morning! Paul was awake before me despite him coming to bed much later than I did!

After lazing around for a while, I set to and carried on making Ceri's birthday card! Needed to get done in time for her shindig tonight!

Want to see? Well alrighty then!

No idea why it's sideways. Stupid blogger.

Hand-made 3D bunting, handstamped with 'Happy Birthday Ceri!'.

I'm quite proud of it! There are a few things I'd do different but for a first attempt birthday card I say go me!

I spent the rest of the day sorting out a few odds and ends with my crafty stuff with regards to making some more thank you cards from the wedding - yes I'm horrendously behind. Bad etiquette, Cags. Shame on me.

I also marathoned some more Veronica Mars. Yes - I'm hooked now. I need to know who killed Lilly Kane, damnit! I have 2 or 3 more eps of season 1 left to watch and I can't wait!

We then had dinner and got ready to drive over to Bromborough to attend the lovely Ceri's 30th birthday shindig! It was a 90s themed party. We didn't get dressed up. We felt like the odd ones out!

Chris and Ceri as Beauty and the Beast! How adorbs are these two?!

I think the other way this evening could be described is a Spice Girls convention as I think there were about 3 sets of Spice Girls there!

Chris's brother in law cameo'd as Ginger Spice and his Dad was Sporty. Talk about getting into the spirit of things! :)

Then time for cake!

It was Ceri's Dad's birthday a week before so they combined the party (correct me if I'm wrong, Chris!)

My favourite picture of the whole night I think!
There certainly were a few fun costumes around!

I believe the above has a stereotypical 90s scouser socialising with Mario and Luigi. Slash was in the background as well.

Chris's Grandma as Baby Spice. Wonderful!

Apparently there is a massive penchant with many of the guest to like any song that has a dance routine. Macarena...Whigfield. It's painful.

The Macarena. Closely followed by Whigfield - Saturday Night.

Fun for the whole family.

Spice up your life...

And time for some Liam Gallagher impressions...

General family fun!

The penultimate song was a doozy. In keeping with the costumes, we got a bit of Beauty and the Beast for the nearly-weds to dance along to...

(Not sure what the DJ is doing in the back of this one...Night Fever, perhaps?!)

Aren't they just lovely?! Can't wait for the wedding now!

We got home about 12:30am (dirty stopouts) with rather gravelly voices after singing rather loudly to the britpop they played towards the end, and the classic song which makes you put your arm in the air as soon as the intro plays...

Just us?

Fantastic night and completely sober, although probably hyper from the coca cola and icing from birthday cake! 4 weekends off the ale now! It's been easy! Didn't even fancy a drink last night! I've changed!

Headed to bed with a smile on my face and regret for not getting fancy dressed up!

Oh and I put all those pictures on there in case Chris wanted to take copies of them. Sorry if they bored the rest of you.

I need to get a proper camera. Might ask Santa for one next year.


2010 - Not for the squeamish.

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