Wednesday, 29 January 2014

26th January 2014 - Overcome with laziness!

Yesterday (or this morning if you will) was a late one for us! So in turn it was a lazy morning! And the weather was disgusting, so staying in bed was the best option all round!

In all the darkness of the morning, there were some odd sounds coming from next to me. I tried to take a picture and found this:

That's a Barnacle, making himself at home on my cushions!

A slightly better picture!

In doing this, he managed to pull the clock radio off the side (see the wire with the white paint on it? That!) and switch off all the other plugs because the extension cable is underneath where his bottom is! Well done, Beep! Bravo!

Paul popped to the shops so we could get some dinner, but there was no way I was going outside. He then settled down to do some work and I watched some more Veronica Mars, with good intentions of getting stuff done but actually getting nothing done at all!

I then came and did the washing up because I felt bad for being lazy.

We then had steak for dinner and watched this week's Community. Was a good evening but the day was over far too soon.


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