Thursday, 30 January 2014

27th January 2014 - Monday-itis!

Monday Monday...can't trust that day...Monday Monday sometimes it just turns out that way...



Has anyone ever been happy to see a Monday? I'm just curious.

We got up (after a bad night - Barney's possessed by Gollum again a little) and went to the gym as we do on a Monday. I decided on a light workout, so did the leg challenge, the leg bike and the arm bike.

I was a little bit wobbly afterwards!

I don't know what it means, day after...I was like this an hour after!
It was a loooong day in work. I have started getting a headache on a Monday at around 11am. This is the 4th Monday running. Hmmmph. It's not dehydration from the gym as I drink my whole 750ml bottle of water during and after the workout. Plus another litre while at work, and that's not counting the giant honey and lemons I have. Any other ideas?

I came home and felt pretty sorry for myself.

I seem to spend all my life washing at the moment. So after work more needed to be done.

Going to the gym = more washing. Stupid gym clothes.

I had plans to be productive after yesterday's laziness, but no. Not only did my head hurt but I started sneezing as well and feeling generally crappy. Again. Just like last week.

I took an anti-allergy tablet in the hope that would help the sneezles (it did) and went to bed quite early after a couple of eps of The Good Wife to keep us going.

Yawnsome day.



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