Wednesday, 8 January 2014

5th January 2014 - Clearing it up some more!

Another morning waking up bright and fresh! 4 days off the booze! Feels like longer! I suppose after drinking a little for so often, it will feel like a while!

We got up at a fairly reasonable hour to get back on with tidying up the house. After breakfast, of course.

I headed back to the spare room, cleared the floor as much as I could, and Paul and I hoovered the stairs, landing and spare room. I love it when it's been properly hoovered. I really should do it more often. LAZY!

We then put a load of stuff on the loft that needed to go into the loft. Paul then started giving the kitchen a good scrub, and I hit the ironing.

Doesn't look like a lot. It was. I was there for HOURS and I didn't even finish it al! I did all the important stuff and left a few t shirts etc for 'next time'...which won't be too long as I had loads of washing to get done! Silly clothes wearing.

Barney found it all such hard work!

Such a cutie pie!

Barney and I hung out while I ironed, and then it was time for dinner!

We had a lovely roast pork dinner and watched more...yeah, you guessed it...The Good Wife!

Then Paul washed up while I sorted washing and removed the stuff on the bed so we could get in it!



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